Sunday 5 December 2010

The 'season of giving'

Five Easy Ways YOU Can Rethink the Season of Giving - Stepcase Lifehack 
Not a bad post.

Prompted by a tweet from Volunteer Canada, they said you can't volunteer at a food bank, or Christmas meal in November or December. They are booked with volunteers well ahead. That made me think.
Today is International Volunteer day.

Perth: Dignity Day Hospice
McMartin House
The Spirit of the Season is wrong. We should be good-hearted and willing to share of ourselves year-round. The food banks, for example,  need our help all the time, since many choose not to donate at other times.

I give monthly to organizations, such as the Stephen Lewis Foundation. has been a wonderful place for microloans.

I loathe going through cash checkouts where they ask me to donate $2 to some cause or another. Nope! I make my choices, and select charities whose practices I know and understand.
Period Greeter

R. Kerem - corn brooms

We were glad to help, and buy some sweet gifts. This is part of being a locavore. Buying locally, where possible.

B & D Jehu - soaps, candles
With local producers and a fabulous organic grocery store, we feel blessed. We can buy local goods, meat, wonderful natural personal products.

Coutts farm is a 4th generation famiuly farm located 8 KMs south east of Perth on County Road 18. They produce a wide variety of maple syrup products, naturally raised beef, vegetables, preserves, jams and home baking.

local emu breeder 
We volunteer our time. With life experiences, we can share what we have learned with people who need our help. This is priceless.

Many do so, as well.
Grannies Helping Grannies
We donated to the Stephen Lewis

Grannies helping Grannies, in Perth, sponsored a booth at a recent fair. Donations to Stephen Lewis Foundation.
For Isabelle Coccinelle!
Shhhh! It's a surprise. 

But, back to the wonderful Perth event.
We spotted some nice things from Sundance Studio, in Maberly.

Then, we bought some secret things, from someone who lives and works just down the road from us. Handcrafted Children's Wear, by Madeleine Hollingsworth. Beautiful fabrics.

Then, the products by Emu & You. Lovely soaps, meats and crafts; the painted eggs are fragile and gorgeous.

Dagmar Sagat


Red said...

I like the idea here that we give by volunteering. Volunteering also gives back!

Cloudia said...

lovely...and of course our demeanor is a gift (or not) that we give others daily

Aloha from Waikiki

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You are an inspiration. People should live and share their time and their money.