Monday 20 December 2010

Hunting birds in winter

I suppose, I mean identifying them!
Hawkish personality
Lots of places to ID them, just ensure that we know what we are talking about!

Here are some good sites, with reputable qualifications...

Back in 1993, when teaching students how to do research, most would go to the Encyclopedia CD  that their PC manufacturer gave them. 

Some would print an entire file on, say, Blue Jays, and hand it in. 

You just have to laugh. 

They couldn't read the words, as they did a 5-minute presentation of their work.

I love bird watching. Winter has its own limitations. 

Here are some of my (mostly) winter birds. I was looking for some colour as it starts to snow last Saturday as I prepared this post.
Mourning Dove landing

We are seeing much white out there!

Pileated woodpecker

No. Not a bird
-Bird Hunter!
Blue Jay

Pigeons in town

Mourning Dove

Cedar Waxwing

Red Poll

Guess who?

'Early birds' standing on the ice on the lake

Goldfinch in winter

Goldfinch in summer!

Busy bird. This Woodpecker was chucking cracked corn on the head of the Mourning Dove below! The Dove was eating it up!


Grandma K said...

Your "assignment" took me back to the mid 70's - before PC's - when I would assign a research paper. One student copied, word for word, from the biology text. As if I didn't know each and every word therein!

Red said...

Great post! Love the pictures. You had me fooled here . I was expecting to hear about your Christmas bird count.

Izzy said...

Your blog is just wonderful. I'm amazed at the work and dedication you put in to it. Thank you! Happy Holidays.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Jenn -- that post title had me wondering for a minute! Beautiful bird photos -- obviously your Winter hunting" is very successful.

Merry Christmas to all of you!!