Saturday 18 December 2010

Highway of heroes

The Canadian total = 154 soldiers gone.

Can. Wounded, dead and POWs since WW I

Another 4 soldiers + journalist

In this engagement: the injuries, as well as vets who are suffering PTSD and homelessness, continue to concern all of us.
“Wounded in Action”: 404
“Non-Battle Injuries”: 565
Killed in Action: 93
Non-battle Deaths: 13
Our Highway of Heroes is an important part of the honour Canada bestows on its fallen. Unfortunately, veterans who are injured, wounded and disabled, or suffer from addictions are not similarly dealt with well, according to some stories. Cash settlements, rather than long-term veteran support is an appalling way to treat these people.

On August 24, 2007, the stretch of highway between Toronto (from Highway 404/Don Valley Parkway) and CFB Trenton (from Glen Miller Road) was given the additional name Highway of Heroes, in honour of Canadian Forces personnel killed during the War in Afghanistan. Crowds line the route every time a soldier is repatriated.

Highway of Heroes song - Bob Reid A powerful tribute to our fallen soldiers and to those who honour them. Highway of Heroes song

Highway of Heroes There are many stories of repatriations here, by Cobourg Daily Star photographer Pete Fisher, taken along the Highway of Heroes. 

US Media Tribute to Highway of Heroes U.S. news rarely pays attention to news from Canada, but a touching tribute by Canadians to it's fallen heroes has caught the attention of the U.S. media

Canada has a long history in the arena of war. Vimy Ridge, Juno Beach, the 65th Anniversary of D-Day, all are stories told well in print and in the media.

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