Tuesday 21 September 2010

I am fried

We've been eating out forever... French Fries galore. Having a ball in Perth, though. Not that we know which end is up.

Fortunately, we have directions.
Our formal dining table in Bala

How do you move a goldfish?
Shirley Goldfish in the shower
Carefully, and avoid the bad roads. She wasn't carsick, fortunately.

We have been unpacking boxes. It is hard work and I love it.

What's with this?
The cats were royally  P.O.'d. In the cages from 6:30 until we arrived in Perth at 8:30. No accidents, bless them!

It POURED rain all day during the move

I feel so close to nature. This morning two deer appeared in our back yard. They were precious. I have a video but cannot upload it yet.

Too bad we are out of deer food...
The tree frog is still in the mail box. How CUTE!


Lorac said...

Who'd a thunk it! We have the same toilet roll holder. LOL Don't envy the moving job but it will be glorious to be by the kids!

Cloudia said...

You have such a wonderful attitude!
Sometimes I think of you when I'm having conniptions about Mom and her elderly issues. Thanks for sharing yourself with us all, Jenn

(She wrote a great book about elder issues everyone!)

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

W.C.Camp said...

Wow moving all that AND three cats - whew that is a lot of work. Don't worry about the deer food, they will just east ANYTHING YOU PLANT! W.C.C.

You can never take too many pictures said...

Congrats on your New Homestead!!!!! so far the place looks amazing!!!! Love the little frog!!!!!Glad to see the cats had a good time and the fish is still swimming LOL!.....can't wait to go out and do some gorgeous fall color shoots but not until after my daughter's wedding ....so praying for good weather for her this weekend.....

Powell River Books said...

What an adventure. Good thing the cats didn't want a goldfish snack along the way. Just kidding! - Margy