Thursday 2 September 2010

Drive- by shootings in Torrance

No matter the 50+ seasons I've driven through, it is also beautiful seeing it again. On my way to an emergency dental appointment (root canal in two weeks!), Torrance, near a bog had some lovely colours forming.

The people around us us were in a hurry to pass. They need to stop and smell the roses!


Cloudia said...

Oh! Dear Canada-

Dear Jenn!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Powell River Books said...

I used to live in Torrance (California that is). I would have believed a drive by shooting of the other kind, but am glad to see it was a different Torrance and picture shooting. - Margy

W.C.Camp said...

Beautiful pics as usual but you crack me up. I used to live in California U.S.A., and there is a city named Torrance nearby. When your post said 'Shootings' there I was thinking - "Wow there is a city in Canada named 'Torrance' and violence has spread ALL THE WAY UP THERE???? HA!! W.C.C.

Judy said...

Hi, Jenn - Since it is now September, I have decided to graciously allow the trees to start changing colour. I refused to allow any colours on them, other than green, last week.
And you KNOW how much attention they pay to me!!! lol!

LHF said...

I love the 'RED LEAF' -It used to mean alot more to me than it does now since Malcolm works at 'Red Leaves' - but read my blog for the latest on that !