Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ontario drownings 2010

overloaded - no jackets?
03 Aug - Simcoe Day Holiday Weekend Results In 4 Deaths On OPP-patrolled Roads, Waterways And Trails

Drownings are a year-round problem in Ontario, with many lakes and waterways.

Sure! If the OPP could be a presence on every lake in Ontario... With thousands of OPP officers, and millions of tourists, this is impossible.
lifejacket a must
It comes down to the public taking responsibility for themselves and loved ones. There have been 57 drownings in the province this summer. Ed's photo is a perfect example of this lack of common sense!

This photo, below, of three boats on a small lake, Aug. 27/09, demonstrates the traffic on waterways.

You cannot predict what will happen, nor can you predict behaviour of others.

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W.C.Camp said...

Sadly where there is water there is a way to get in trouble in it!

Your point on life-jackets even on 'just for fun' vessels is good advice! W.C.C.