Sunday, 1 August 2010

Crazy boaters - loonies on the lake

Yes, they are crazy. And you can imagine that they drive this way on land, too! 

After logging two weeks driving across S. Ontario, we've seen it.  Imagine letting a youngster drive this machine. Even the fabulous new safe boating laws do nothing. 

The Safe Boater™ Training Course and Exam
- is a joke. 
"Any operator of a pleasure craft caught without proof of competency will receive the $250 fine - No Exceptions"

At this point, it depends upon whether you are caught. Many boaters either do not understand or some flaunt the law. OPP Marine crews cannot monitor all of the lakes. Many can pass these simple tests with eyes closed, and drive with the same regard for safety and the law: eyes closed. The rules do not apply to me!

Pleasure craft operator card licensing Age and Horsepower restrictions:
  • Operators under the age of 12 and not directly supervised by an adult can operate a Pleasure Craft with no greater than 10 hp
  • Operators 12 years of age and over, but under 16 years of age and not directly supervised by an adult can operate a Pleasure Craft with no greater than 40 hp
  • Operators 16 years of age and over have no restrictions
I wouldn't be happy canoeing near him! Those in the canoe weren't wearing life jackets, and the power boats were quite evident.  

 I've seen what the dads do. Figure eights and donuts, around and around. 

There was much traffic on our lake this weekend. We'll see what the holiday death tolls amounts to in August.

July was not good on water or land. We lost 16 loved ones in water or on the highways on the July Canada Day long weekend.

Awfully fast machines amongst casual boaters
To date, we have had 163 road deaths in 2010, compared to 154 during the same period in 2009.
The OPP have been vigilant. Their Traffic Safety Program has been successful in reducing fatalities. 

Ontario Provincial Police | What We Do

Initiatives under the Provincial Traffic Safety Program address high-risk behaviours involving occupant restraint, impaired driving and aggressive driving. The majority of our fatalities involve these three factors. This approach ensures a unified methodology focused on reducing injuries and saving lives, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. All aspects of the Program will support the following six provincial and national traffic safety strategies:
  • Spring Seat Belt Campaign
  • Canada Road Safety Week
  • Operation Corridor
  • Operation Impact
  • Fall Seat Belt Campaign
  • Festive R.I.D.E. Program 
Even one needless deaths breaks the heart of many families. Defensive boating is a course many could take. Except you think it will never apply to you. Cindy Smith, of Education for the Driving Masses, recommends driving safety courses. These courses help you protect yourself from idiots and drunk  drivers. On the water, well, use your head and stay away from busy traffic areas. 

Everyone wearing life jackets!
"Take more lessons. Upgrade your skills with winter driver's training and collision-avoidance methods and take refresher courses so you can correct any bad habits you've acquired."

Another idea from: 'SafeDriver'  

If you're stopped in traffic and see another drivier approaching from behind you....move!
Even the OPP are not immune.  Close Call For Police in Port Carling
Moose FM CFBG 99.5  On July 26, Bracebridge OPP were conducting a speed enforcement program at the intersection of Medora St and Armstrong Point Rd in Port Carling when they had a close call. At 1:30 am, officers heard a crash and turned to see two vehicles careening towards them out of control.

Local man perishes in boat accident

GRAVENHURST — Police continue to investigate

July 28 

No charges stemming from Lake Muskoka accident

The accident involved a 21-foot Ocean Fisher with a 150 hp motor with one occupant, said police, and a 16-foot Peterborough boat with an 18 hp motor and two occupants.

Youngster driving: near waterskiers

PWC screams around


Travis Erwin said...

You can't fix stupid. Sad as it is laws are never going to be followed by these types.

W.C.Camp said...

The good news is that violators eventually kill themselves off with their irresponsibility. The trick is to avoid them until they do. W.C.C.

Jenn Jilks said...

These are 'new' cottagers, and I was worried when they bought. Every weekend they bring new guests, and screaming citiots. It is the children I worry about.
They will become kamikaze drivers, too.

You're right, W.C., I just cannot go canoeing until the w/e is over. But they risk the lives of those around them. Imagine letting a kid drive these powerful machines...

The fines are enormous, but by the time the OPP get here - they are not on the water. We called them when we clearly heard renters drinking and canoeing at 1:00 a.m. last year. The OPP came, then left, and they were louder than before.

Ed said...

I would like to know how the resorts get away with renting Jetski's without the rider having to get a license? I believe they sign a special waiver that makes them exempt.

Even though the license is a joke it would at least be a basic understanding of who has right-away, what a yellow marker signifies and how far off a dock you can ride.

Jenn Jilks said...

Didn't know that, Ed. I know many bring them up here. Too many people renting cottages who abuse the lake.

SandyCarlson said...

What people get up to when they put by the simple facts that they are mortal and that they are not the only living being on this earth. What an eye-opener. Thanks.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...


You have loony jet skiers in Canada, and we have loony jet skiers in New Zealand.

In Australia, they too have loonies.

So far, there has no news about our biggest loony. No news is good news.

Some day, when we have retired, I will persuade my husband to go for a long trip to Canada and USA.