Friday, 27 August 2010

Gardens I have known

Nepean, 2006
While preparing to move, I have enjoyed looking back at the gardens I have had to leave behind.

I believe I have a green thumb, inherited from the Dad who adopted me! :-)

We were two years here in Muskoka (2006 - 2010), and together in Nepean (2004 - 2006), and I was 7 years on Hobart CR. in Nepean, after we were married in 2002 we bought a house together. (I moved there  after Ice Storm '98!).
Nepean, single mom, 2004, much thinner!
Some are places are easier to leave than others.
You know bushes can be replaced. Insects abound. New gardens to work in.

I am comforted by the notion that the new owner of this property loves Muskoka as I do and will love to watch the lake during the seasons.  She will be happy to be closer to *her* kids, as we are moving to be nearer to ours. Cottage Country East (Perth) will be our new home.

My butterfly bush
The irony is that the family from whom we bought are moving back to England in order to care for failing parents falling through the cracks in health care in the U.K.

I know my Mom would be happy the new owner is taking over and she will love it much as Mom did. Despite those who feel Mom'd be P.O.d we were moving (as if I needed to hear this from her friends!), she will be happy to watch over the new owner here.

Mom loved her frog pond, and loved the lake.

butterfly on clover

Love the lupins

Sometimes, you can take them with you as seeds or bulbs.
Emily in her garden by the lake
a present from me

Sometimes you cannot.
flowers on the 'Flower Rock'
My mother loved the 'Flower Rock', and I religiously planted it for her! I will find another planter and plant in her honour!
bee on Dad's sweet peas
I saved some seeds!

Mom and Dad's grave


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: Beautiful garden with all the guests, especially you.

W.C.Camp said...

You need to know that your folks would be HAPPY for you as long as you are happy. The house is just a house, but your memories are YOURS forever. Of course you'll miss the beauty of the old place, but the exciting part is that you'll make the new place GREAT too with lots of wonderful memories. Nice photos as usual. W.C.C.