Tuesday 31 August 2010

Bala Falls Hydro Project part 17

One anonymous reader wrote me a message. They told me that I have 'failed to post comments of people in Bala who are knowledgeable about the project.'
I beg to differ.

It's not as if those against the project are rushing to make comments on my blog. One person has done so, ranting to support his campaign, and I will not publish campaign speeches!

Too few who welcome this project are speaking up. Many are registering protests, few are speaking in favour of working with SREL. People with more sense than money are buying up here and broadcasting their rights to use the lakes as Nascar tracks, and do not want anyone else to use this water for any other purpose.

I refuse to post anonymous comments anymore. The lobby groups, led by unelected, self-proclaimed community members, rant in my comments sections. Others need to stand up and have the courage of their convictions. Much press has been given to this vocal group; little to those, like me, who believe in renewable energy sources.

I seems as if there is mistrust of SREL, and I'm not sure why. Many rape the land for trees and use its water to make money. Many abuse the water, too. Spoiled rich kids who sit by the lake, cruise its waters on power boats, whose cost would feed a family for a year in Tibet. Yet, no one mocks them. They dump fuel into the lake, pollute water and air, and have a sense of entitlement.

Overheard at dinner @ Bala Bay Inn: "I hate people who don't like jetskiis. Why did they move to Muskoka anyway?"

Of course, we bought in 1960, before jetskiis ruled the lakes! These 4 men, big dudes with more brawn than brains, had ridden a boat that would have fed a village in Tibet for a year, and booted the engine to impress us when they took off out of Bala Bay, having consumed their drinks.
Mr. Anonymous also told me that 'most of the power will be in spring' not during winter and summer.

I beg to differ. I have seen the falls run quite quickly in winter, see the video below. They do not know what they are talking about! We have a rainfall one day and the change in the falls is enormous. Winter melt can be quick and surprising. It is not as if there isn't a damn there anyway!

Such anger and mistrust

This 'anonymous' person claims that SREL is spreading false and misleading information. I beg to differ. Many are spreading rumours; like the people in Bala who claim that the hydro project will kill fish. There is no evidence of this. The environmental impact report was clear.

I will be so glad to be away from these ugly red signs, the signage in beautiful treed Muskoka have been exploding. The 'stop the bala hydro' signs disappear in the clutter of 'for sale' signs, and municipal election posters, which will be short-term. The beauty of Muskoka is marred by signage, reflecting anger and NIMBY. These are business people at SREL, who have invested in this project to bring us into the new millennium.

To foreshadow: Bala Falls in winter! Rushing water soothes after a big storm.


Powell River Books said...

Living through change is difficult. I hope your new home is restful and productive. - Margy

George said...

I can certainly understand why you don't post anonymous comments. I don't post them either.
It's too bad there are so many signs ruining your beautiful area.

Friko said...

These things do not only happen in your part of the world, beautiful, tranquil places are spoilt by rich incomers everywhere. it is vested interests (money) which rule the world and those who like to preserve and protect nature are sadly still less powerful. But we are slowing marching towards a better balance; common sense may yet prevail.