Wednesday 21 July 2010

Crazy times in Kemptville

We have had a whirlwind tour of S.E. Ontario. Lots going on, many weird and wonderful people.
The agents we have been working with (we are on #4, in 4 separate areas) are fabulous. But people all seem to be in a hurry the farther out they are from the city.

Lots of people on the roads.

Traffic is crazy. So are people!

After a delightful 2-night visit in a B & B in Kemptville (more on that later!) and a final night with cheese and crackers and wine, we left the B & B to move on to another region: Arnprior.
The car was hit and sent flying in the opposite direction.

As we drove down the road we looked up on highway #43 and spotted debris flying. My camera always at the ready, I captured a real mess. The car was headed northerly, and after the truck hit it, she ended up going south.

A young lady pulled out into traffic too soon, and didn't wait to cross the road, when a dump truck went flying into her.

Debris on the road. 
The truck driver managed to swerve to avoid her,  clipping her car, sending her into a 180 spin, while he drove into our lane. We could well have been hit. It was a bit traumatic. At the time the 3 of us who were witnessed, were worrying about the young lady, while the truck driver's hand was bleeding.

Praise the Lord for airbags! She was in shock, and the firefighters and many OPP arrived, as well as an ambulance. The truck driver went running over to see her. I told the young lady to sit down as she was feeling queasy.

The mother of the driver arrived, and then various firefighters, as well as OPP. We were relieved. Let the pros do their jobs.

Every one kept on driving speedily by!
EMS crews in Ontario are fabulous. What a great team.

Then the pros began to arrive.

Joe (AKA hubby, Brian- long story),  loaned his vest to a man who began directing the fast, heavy traffic.

Spit spot, clean up began.

The traffic is amazing east of Kemptville

Hooray for the OPP.

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You can never take too many pictures said...

Oh many accidents these days....people always in such a rush...and for What????? any good prospects for properties yet???? have you've tried past Ottawa along the Ottawa River????my sister lived in a small town called Rockland...and Loved it!!!!! but was forced to move back to the city....she just hates the noises!!!!! Good Luck glad to see you were not hit from flying debris....