Thursday, 24 June 2010

Muskoka Airport flying high

There is excitement everywhere!
Buff boys, not in black, jogging in the morning. RCMP & OPP EVERYWHERE!

We drove to the airport looking for the moving agency, and found only bizarre gear. One couple, walking their lab beside the airport road, had an OPP stop behind them with all lights flashing.

Then, in the field, very strange equipment. Lots of tents and boys and their toys and men in uniform!

The big black helicopters are really incredible, since I'm not at the lake hoping for peace and quiet. I captured one on video, towards the end.

Isn't this contraption kewl???
One dare not venture fare, with limos and escort vehicles hither and yon!

Even saw a perfect vanity plate...
Hubby went to visit a store along the airport road yesterday. As if. Long lines of traffic, black limos with darkened windows along the airport road.

Hubby won't let me get near the place. Spoilsport! We both have security checks. Me- as I volunteer at the penitentiary. Brian was the security manager for the airline from which he is retired.

Meantime, the planes are awfully loud overhead!
FLight plans are mandatory this week. No surprise. There is an 80 km no fly zone.

Nancy writes,  They're Here... and Here's to Them! with a photo of the big, brawny, boys in black (or blue?). Of course they are men and women, but that doesn't alliterate.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

The eyes of the world are on you. Don't embarrass us.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Ooo Jenn, it's so crazy out there! We don't live very far from the airport and I could hardly sleep last night with all the helicopters and sirens and jets flying around. It was a constant. So exciting! Yesterday a bunch of us girls left work and went to see a huge U.S. Air Force plane full of Secret Service men and their gear. We actually talked to them! (So cool) Definitely something to tell the grandchildren about!

You can never take too many pictures said...

Sure is intimidating with all the police cruisers and helicopters around, but today I saw up in Sundridge a fighter jet approaching a small float plane making him change his flight plan....I guess he was too close to the restricted air space....Wow the noise from that Jet!!!!! Super Sonic!!!!! My husband said there is an officer with high power weapons every 10 ft. in the don't fool around with those boys.....and they are Big!Men!!!!

Robert Longpré said...

Hi Jenn, I was wondering what the G8 security would look like in the rural areas in Muskoka country. Thanks for your images answering my unspoken questions.