Friday 30 April 2010

Stakeholders in Bala Falls part 13

Unanswered questions about Bala hydroelectric project

'The recent article by Karen Longwell regarding the proposed hydroelectric project in Bala lacks balance and is short on facts.'  So says one comment. Well, not so. The facts are being skewed.
It would appear that Karen Longwell, as a journalist, is listening to all sides. Ms. Longwell did a good job.

Grady slams energy co-op idea in Bala

MUSKOKA LAKES — A request for donations for a new co-operative hydroelectric project in Bala is irresponsible, according to one district councillor.
Yes, Councillor Grady knows what is up. 

Many who comment lack credibility, truth and information. They continue to have a vested interest from a business owner perspective, or from political motives, not from a taxpayer perspective.

I do not believe that the public can run a hydro dam, as TheMole presents. I do not believe that we can wait any longer for this project. Bala is dying, businesses are closing. Major stakeholders are mistaking the project eyed with NIMBY-coloured glasses. TheMole cannot run a project like this, despite his delusions, AND run for election.

The South Dam is not an option. This has been researched. Despite this TheMole continues to both run for office and promote a fundraising lobby to take over the project through the north dam.

[57.jpg]A mayor needs to represent ALL stakeholders, not just cottagers on Moon River. The dam is NOT a recreation area. The fearmongers have been misled by the vocal, outspoken few with few facts. Too many have died there already. It has to be respected as human harnessing of a vast amount of water. Before the first dam, the water levels changed by 9'. The recent dam controls levels, as will a new, more modern dam. Safety barriers will be put in place. Cottagers, tourists, full-time residents, and business owners will benefit by marketing this project as a bonus for a new opportunity to move into the modern world. We can produce a safe dam, and market it like the Bracebridge project (pictured left).


Swift River Energy Limited (SREL) is a 100% Canadian owned company with a mission to develop small, low-impact, run-of-river waterpower generating facilities.  SREL is currently in the final stages of the Environmental Screening process for the construction of a 4-5 MW run-of-river waterpower facility at the Ministry of Natural Resource’s (MNR) existing North Bala Dam.  This was one of the first sites MNR released as part of its competitive site release program in 2005.   The Bala Falls project exemplifies Muskoka’s commitment to conservation and renewable power.  By producing power locally, the need for new large transmission line projects in the area is reduced.  The project will generate in excess of 5,000 person days of labour during the construction period.  A large percentage of the estimated $14.5 million total construction costs is expected to be spent locally.  SREL are planning on burying the powerhouse and professionally landscaping on top to create a public park / sunset lookout complete with interpretive signage describing the heritage of the area and its roots in renewable energy.  By developing this project, SREL will help Ontario realize its goals under the Green Energy Act of: expanding Ontario’s use of clean and renewable sources of energy; creating 50,000 “green collar” jobs over the next 3 years; and protecting the environment by offsetting coal generation and its related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the fight against climate change.  

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