Friday, 23 April 2010

Hospice Muskoka Volunteer Mentors

This is another ShoutOut for both Hospice Muskoka, and a Muskokan, Elke Scholz  (author/artist, expressive arts therapist), and her Expressive Arts Therapy Bereavement classes. Below you can see the 4 teen mentors, Elke, and myself. Thanks for the parent who took the photo! I never seem to be in photos!! Two of our student mentors (as I recall!) attend St. Dom's, in Bracebridge. Our previous group of mentors, in the fall 6-week course, were fabulous students.

 Elke does individual arts therapy, but also works in schools, and with groups like Hospice Muskoka. Our work includes both children and adults. This particular group, mentored by the four young ladies (left), all high school students, worked with our clients, ages 7 to 11. These are photos of our student's work. We do not post photos of our clients, but their work is fabulous!

I am a trained Hospice Volunteer and I currently have an individual client, I visit her in her home, as well as working with this group. Volunteers receive training and participate in various conferences and training sessions. I have had the Foundations Palliative Care Course, as well as doing personal research into the general area of senior health. I will be speaking at the June 9th NSM Palliative Care Conference at Casino Rama.

[IMG_5598.jpg]Hospice Muskoka is funded 30% by the province (your tax dollars at work), and 70% through donations. We work in homes, act as friendly visitors to those in long-term care, as well as South Muskoka Memorial Hospital. In this, volunteer appreciation week, I like to laud our volunteers who try to make a difference. In fact, when you volunteer, the gifts you receive are incredible. I have had two palliative clients, and both have given me so much in return.

There were two volunteers with our latest group, myself and Mary, another volunteer with Hospice Muskoka. She also volunteered at the Hospice Muskoka Valentine fundraiser, held in Bracebridge, and Mary was unable to attend last night's celebration of our 10-week workshops. This is a February photo!

Volunteerism in Ontario is a hot topic these days, as the Ministry expects more work to be done who may simply be untrained neighbours. They expect families to take up the slack, too. I am glad that Muskoka has a strong group of volunteers, and one of the few children's bereavement programs in Ontario. I am glad, too that Hospice Muskoka has so many keen volunteers in all areas.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

What greater service can one find than volunteering in a hospice or palliative care unit. Bravo to all you amazing volunteers!

Cloudia said...

Great People!

Aloha from Waikiki

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