Sunday 25 April 2010

For-profit social marketing

Now, Twitter is offering its users bribes for advertising on a Twitter account.
 Yes, it is true. First Google buys up YouTube for big bucks, in order to earn advertising dollars.

SEO, blogging and ethical communication

Just when I was having fun with it, I am being hammered with cute young things who 'follow' me, you go to their Twitter page and you find they are porn queens. I blocked the last one immediately. Or else you find others being paid to advertise for businesses.

Now, I find that you can be paid to tweet and advertise for specific products. I just do not know. Why do I want to see more ads from cyberspace? They are coming fast and furious. Why would I assault my friends and follows with more advertising? We have spam, we have pop-ups, the ubiquitous Google ads. I religiously read on-line news and find more saturation of these markets. I am finding a low tolerance for such.

Even Retired Teachers of Ontario are sending out email asking me to support particular causes. No. I will make my own choices. Do not bribe me to sponsor an event, sending poor families to a show, especially a for-profit event.

Leading by Example: Key Developments in the First Seven Years of PIPEDA

Since the inception of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), organizations have been adapting their business practices to comply with the Act, as well as similar new provincial standards as their customers grow increasingly concerned over the protection of their personal information. Meanwhile, the privacy landscape continues to evolve. Advances in information technology and the desire among business to compete globally have meant that the privacy challenges we face today are more complex than ever before.

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