Tuesday 13 April 2010

Walk on the wilder side II

Take a walk on the forest side in winter and spring. The same path, but compare February and April. Each time I crested the ridge, climbed over another rock, I was spell bound.

The hurricane knocked over a tree, which can become a winter home. Nobody was there. I was relieved!

I had a delightful walk. The woods were quiet. The birds were singing. I frightened a pair of mallards hanging about in a bog pool. Another pair of birds took off in fright, I think they were pheasants. Obviously, I am not quick enough, as they escaped my camera. You'll have to imagine them!
I didn't feel too badly, since it was obvious that 4-wheelers had been along not too long ago.
The path is old, and built across some of these bogs. Other parts are created naturally by the moss on the precambrian shield.
But nature thrives in spite of us.


Mom To The Power Of Three said...

Although the winter pictures are beautiful, the spring ones are a welcome sight! I like the one of the tree that's blown over where an animal made a home. You never know what could be in there! I know in my neighbourhood, we'll be watching out for bears.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those are such nice comparison shots. I tried to take pictures of the changing Lake each month (when we were back in Oregon) from the exact same spot -- and it's hard to do. Thanks for sharing your beautiful walk!

Sylvia K said...

I love your comparison shots, too! And what a wonderful difference! Such a lovely walk, glad we got to go along with you. Hope your week is going well! And thanks, as always, for your visit/comment!


Arija said...

Thanks for your visit Jenn.
I do love your walks and the way you glory in nature just as I do.

I take it that charming poppet in your header is your granddaughter. She really epitomises the wonder of the springtime of life.

You can never take too many pictures said...

Very Nice!! Jen....whenever we can get out into the bush or as some referr it ...the forest...I find it so soothing to the soul....I'm drawn to the new birthing of plants and animals...it never looks the same to me...always so different...and there's always so much to keep learning of our natural world...I never tire of it!!!! to keep a souvenir through the eye of my camera lens...is so less harsh on the Enviroment....and so enjoyable to share.....

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you, all, I'm glad you like the comparison shots.

When my poppet visited (I love that word, thanks for reminding me Arija!) she liked to look at our wee forest and define it 'forest', then say 'dinosaurs— grrrrr'!

Cloudia said...

How invigorating!

How wonderful...

Aloha from Waikiki

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