Wednesday 10 March 2010

Climbing the walls

Cats are antsy, if that makes sense. Climbing the walls! So am I!  Oliver is just too tired. Bopping around the lake in the sun this afternoon. He heads for my basket.
Water is melting. The rocks are peeking out from under the ice. The ice shards have a certain beauty in them. The lichen is glad to see the light of day!

They burn wet leaves and branches. Muskoka Snowmobile trails are officially closed, yet some still have things to do on the ice. They were fishing in Rosseau on the w/e, but that will stop with this week's forecast rain.

The seagulls are out and about, sharing the sky with planes.

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Carolyn said...

Hi Jenn,
After reading your post yesterday big box stores, then having my own encounter yesterday with Chapters I saw this on CBC's website...I thought you might be interested
in this...
Sorry I don't know how to "tweet" this otherwise I would have.