Monday, 22 February 2010

Be careful out there!

You must read this story if you drive Ontario roads! Many know how dangerous it is.

The warnings are clear in Near North country, but sometimes you just can't help it. Thanks to Gerry for permitting this guest post. (The photos are mine, however!)

Deer Accident

February 20th, 2010 | Author: Gerry Levasseur
        As much as I enjoy Mother Nature and all her critters, there is unfortunately a downside to living in her backyard. Following my wonderful surprise Birthday Party Dinner, my partner was hit by a big buck. This is insurance terminology. You don’t say you hit a deer but rather you were hit by a deer. You figure it out. Fortunately she is OK but her Toyota was destroyed. The deer hit the car in such a way that it flipped over the car but not till it broke the windshield and roof then flew off. The deer did not survive. The car stopped. 

   My partner had the presence of mind to turn on her 4 way flashers. She then pushed a chunk of the windshield off her chest then sifted thru the broken glass to get to her cell phone. She then called 911 for an ambulance and police while 3 cars past her without stopping. She called her Mom and me to meet her at the Hospital. Still in shock she even called her Brother-in-Law to come and pick up the deer. If a deer hits you, you own it, the police told us.
      We were at the hospital for 8 hours. She had no broken bones, did not need any stitches but we helped the nurse remove between 50-75 pieces of chard glass from her face. Her eye glasses most likely saved her eyes. Today there is little evidence on her face that she was in an accident. Unfortunately she did get jolted hard enough to prompt a whiplash and suspicion of a mild concussion. She is back to work part time but has many Doctors appointments to deal with all her aches, pains and headaches. She is very reluctant driving any vehicles which she will have to get over. She says she will never own a small vehicle again rather she wants a truck. In spite of my personal feelings for insurance companies, they have been very understanding, patient and cooperative.
Fawn in ditch from Jennifer Jilks on Vimeo.

People be careful out there! I am glad this story wasn't any worse than it could have been. Bambi grows up to be a big boy, you know! [See: “Hunters. You kill ‘em, we cut ‘em.” -city folks don't get it, nor do they understand Aboriginal hunters!]

These are big creatures, judging by the size of the tracks beside my boot. I posted previously about a memorial: a moose collision that took the life of an OPP member.


Judy said...

Jenn, have you heard about the girl caught in the leghold traps, here in Ottawa? Front page news in the Sun on Saturday. Let me know if you have not, and I will get the pages for you.
I did not know a deer can do that much damage, but I have heard that moose are really dangerous!

Jenn Jilks said...

The deer are rather large, too, Judy. I just spotted the Ottawa incident. With coyotes on the uprise near towns, due to a natural surge in population, it is an issue.

Unknown said...

Jenn - sorry to hear about your partner's accident. Hope recovery is moving along quickly. Thanks for linking to my blog - Bill