Monday, 4 January 2010

To prorogue or reprorogue

Stop and think about this!
A year ago we were prorogued - does that mean we have been reprorogued? Almost like reprogramming. What do you do when your computer freezes? Reboot! Some of us wish...

A fresh start, and bills and time and money spent on studying them will go up in smoke.

I wish, like my recent poem,  Seeking the light, they would seek it! And not a red light. This is not what Canadians want.

Without facing an expensive election, which will only recreate the current situation.

The Cost of the 2008 Election in Canada: 300 Million and Counting

* Cartoon courtesy of MacKay's cartoons
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Perhaps, better to say that Stephen Harper's New Conservative government has pulled their own plug. Do you think they committed suicide?

 Mr. Harper decided that things were too tough, and there were too many questions about various issues. I AM NOT ALONE IN MY DISGUST!
1. Another year, another prorogued Parliament‎ -

I also love how he pretends it's not proroguing by not using the actual word. He's not proroguing Parliament, he's "suspending" it. ...

They were not scheduled to get back to work until January 25, as I recall. But how many of us, especially those ELECTED to represent us, can say, "We quit work!"

This is not in our own self-interest as an employee. This is in the interest of a politician, Mr. Harper's political career, and self-serving goals for majority government.

In fact, CTV wrote:
"It means all the MPs who were elected last October 14th will remain in place, but any unpassed bills or motions - like the controversial economic statement that started this mess - will be non-existent."

Harper to shut down Parliament - The Globe and Mail

30 Dec 2009 ... Mr. Harper has now prorogued Parliament twice since he won a second minority government in October, 2008...

CBC News - PM shuts down Parliament until March

30 Dec 2009 ... Gen Michaëlle Jean approved his recommendation to prorogue Parliament ...

We need, as the video says, for politicians to work together to enact legislation that helps serve the Canadian people.

A Dec., 2008 YouTube video...

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Rinkly Rimes said...

to listen to your video to find out what prorogue meant! It seems as though politics in Canada is as dubious as it is in Oz.
Your word verification is CHIPPED.
Sounds apt to me!