Sunday 1 November 2009

The leaves have fallen

The leaves have nearly fallen. The winds blow with November gusts. It is cold and brisk. Most cottagers have put away their boats, drained their plumbing, emptied the refrigerator, turned off the power and locked up for the season. Yesterday's winds blasted my raft and broke it. I ventured out in the canoe today to give it a rescue. I think it is 20 years old and needs to be put to bed!

We've had much fun on it over the years. Josephine &  did some bouncing and dancing on it in April, but the end board has torn off of it and the boards are rotting.

The animals continue to seek food, building up those layers of fat when snow blankets the earth. Their winter coats render them puff balls of ‘cute’, but then can get into many nooks and crannies in your cottage. The birds flit about, seeking nuts and berries. The squirrels feed madly under bird feeders, for those who remain in Muskoka, enjoy feeding our furry friends.

The red squirrel sits in a position of control: with it’s mad barks, or its other call, a 'seet' it is attempting to keep the larger squirrels away. November rain and wind do not deter them from their endless task.  Raccoons dig in the ground searching for grubs that will soon freeze. Raccoons, with their opposable thumbs, are merciless and can open up many locks.

The leaves blanket the ground; only a few trees still have their foliage. The ground, in that endless recycling of soil and matter, rejuvenates even as all decays. A new layer of soil will prepare the land for new beginnings.

Eventually, snow will wrap the land in its winter coat, and visitors will return to play outdoors in cottage country. The changing of the seasons brings new fun to those who brave its winter pleasures!


Unknown said...

I like your new header.

So sorry your raft must retire. What a pain!

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

We're having an Indian Summer. Highs up in th 70's this week. Very nice for now.

Gaelyn said...

You have been keeping busy with winter on its way.