Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Guess who isn't dinner!

Yes, on a trip to Bracebridge, I spotted a group of turkeys. I was there three times this week. Once for a workshop on Elder Abuse and Power of Attorney.

As I rounded a turn in the road, as promised, this is what I spotted! I stopped the car, and turned around to park and to take a photo. They were uncomfortable and slowly moved away.

Then I went into town. I visited my friend in The Pines (a long-term care facility) and made a donation. What a shame that we pay ball players millions of dollars (Yes, we've been following the ALC!), and a large facility like this has to collect pennies.

Next on my trip was a walk past some interesting buildings in Bracebridge.

I love old buildings. Now, I know that my readers live in cities much older than this. The history of Muskoka towns dates back to the late 1800s. Of course, Aboriginal Peoples have lived here for thousands of years. I cannot imagine a time before this.

That said, 'progress' brings the colonization of a country. The buildings reflect our history.

This is 'The Armoury', actually a medical laboratory now!

Then, walking along the road towards the train station, I spotted The Albion Hotel. Closed up, no longer used, and looking pretty old and ruined. I wonder what will happen with this old building...It has a strong skeleton, but there are some issues. It reminds me of the old, refurbished buildings in Port Hope.

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Naturegirl said...

I think that I have passed these same turkeys on route up north!
Thank you for following my blog and my healing journey! I see that you are also a lover of felines!Oliver resembles my Paisley!It is a plesure to meet you! smiles NG :)