Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Driving in Winter in Muskoka

BrochureWinter driving can be dangerous on Muskoka roads. A snow squall resulted in two deaths this past week, as one citizen crossed the road to assist another driver.The highway was shut down for many hours.
Update: Today (Thursday), snow falls in big clumps.

Long, winding highways, with narrow roads that over look lakes, put people at risk. We lost 3 young men in 2007, when drunk driving sent them into the lake where they drowned. Over the rail, they were helpless to get out of the water from the submerged car.

If you go into the water: remove your seatbelt, use electronics they''ll last a minute)  to lower windows, grab children and get out. This means when you get into a vehicle know where the door handles and the window mechanisms are located. It could mean your life.

Transport Canada offers some guidelines. Click on the brochure image to download the PDF file, or check out the HTML web page.
Here are the top ten tips.

Prevent problems before they occur: Top 10 tips

  1. Get your vehicle ready for winter in the fall.
  2. Install four matching winter tires.
  3. Pack an emergency kit.
  4. Learn and practice winter driving techniques before you need them.
  5. Plan your trip, check road and weather conditions.
  6. Remove all snow from your vehicle before each trip.
  7. Give yourself extra travel time in bad weather.
  8. Avoid using overdrive and cruise control on slippery roads.
  9. Travel with a fully charged cell phone.
  10. SLOW DOWN and WEAR your seatbelt.
Many myths prevail around pumping brakes (not with ABS systems), but your best bet is snow tires, getting an emergency kit and checking your lights, brakes and battery.

Here is a photo from Nov. 11th, 2008!
Today: rain showers and wet flurries dominate driving conditions. be prepared.


Cloudia said...

Character building!
20+ years in Honolulu, and I think I've forgotten how, though I remember it being something like driving a boat or surfing. LOL!
Enjoy your flakes, my dear.

Aloha, Friend!

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Yogi♪♪♪ said...

You want winter driving fun come to Oklahoma after an ice storm. Folks here just don't see the need to change their driving at all just because of ice. Its bumper cars.

Caitlin said...

The popular TLC show MythBusters did an episode looking at how it was possible to escape from a sinking vehicle. Here are their results:

Judy said...

Jenn, I know that some people are always going to forget how to drive in the winter, no matter how many times you remind them. We had some flakes in the air today, and I snarled at them to go away. I am not ready. The car is, but I am not.