Monday, 23 November 2009

Canadian TV Content

I participated in a Radio Survey last month. I was happy to participate and have some influence in media. But the CRTC hearings continue on the future of Canadian content on our satellite and cable.

There are a few good ones for old f@rts my age, and many have been syndicated, like Little Mosque and The Border, but many more geared towards younger people.

CBC's The National continues to be my favourite news. We have given up getting any regional TV news. Just isn't worth it to the broadcasters, apparently. Most news is derived from Toronto sources, which really doesn't grab me. We read local papers, and hope for the best.
The Fifth Estate - hard hitting news for consumers. Great job.
The Border -great show about Canada and international relations. It is less about human relations and more about politics and illegal border activities.
Battle of the Blades - huge hit! Hockey players do pairs dancing with the pros.
The Rick Mercer Report (CBC)- Fabulous! I love this show. The humour around politics is witty and intense. He is on Facebook, and YouTube.
Some teachers are using Little Mosque on the Prairie (CBC) to teach Islamic studies in classrooms (really!). A bit flaky, and little actual curriculum content. It is losing momentum, and to my mind, the plot more like weak tea, and the jokes peurile.

All US shows: House, 90210, Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, Melrose Place.

Entertainment Tonight (ET), has a Canadian segment. (A bit fluffly for me!)
Project Runway - well, models competing? Dunno. But it is the Canadain alternative to America's Next Top Model.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada - this was fun, and garnered a lot of attention.
Their regular show are bought from the US: CSI, American Idol, Criminal Minds. Access Hollywood (like ET), Law and Order, Dancing With the Stars, Desperate Housewives.

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