Sunday 15 November 2009

Birthday greetings to my beloved husband

Under strict instruction, no big party. My family tradition suggests that a poem is due, however.

One's 60th is a big event. For a man who took control of his weight, and lost 30 lbs. over the summer, how could we not honour him?!

We went out Friday to the Blue Willow Tea Shop for High Tea. (Read about it on My Muskoka!) The steamships we walked by after tea. This was where we had our wedding dinner the day we were married. All 9 of us!

By having High Tea on Wednesday, this left time on the w/e - his real birthday- for football, walking the cats, making bread and stew! (He is a catch!)

Brian, as I wrote in my book, had a special relationship with my late parents, as well. Bringing my mother a box of chocolates, and keeping her secret (cancer) safe until after our 2002 wedding. Feeding Dad in long-term care every morning for a month. Advocating for Dad when the LTC dietician didn't want Dad to have eggs every day. Notice how we all watched carefully as he cut up an apple pie his first Christmas with us all.  Imagine travelling 450 km. to Muskoka from Ottawa with 3 teenagers! This was our third date. Mom said bring him along. And I did!

 Time has passed: 
seven years (not five)
Helping larger family survive
Tragedies and trials
Along the way
Emptying those vials
“8:00 o’clock” Dad’d say.

Through wind and weather
storm and sea
Surviving all calamity
Your depth of soul

Courage and heart
My love, you know,
We’ll never part

Our lives entwined
Through sickness and health
For 60 years
You’ve shared your wealth
Deeds undeclarable
Death insurmountable

You are my love:
With joy, my life
Glad you chose me 
As your wife


Bill S. said...

Great tribute. Happy Birthday to him. He was born in a great month.

Derrick said...

Hi Jenn,

Lovely poem for your husband. What's the secret of losing 30lbs??!!

Jenn Jilks said...

You, too, Bill?! Happy happy!

The secret, Derrick, self-discipline, visiting with a nutritionist, no deserts, sweets or treats, no alcohol, portion control, regular walks - but mostly the physician explaining the cost of overweight in terms of BMI, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Essentially, turning 60 is a milestone!