Sunday 25 October 2009

rainy days

How beautiful the season, still.

In a drive to Bracebridge- we took the back roads home. We let people pass us, those in too much of  a hurry for this or that to appreciate the creatures that walk the forest, and spirits that fill this region; I always think of moccasined people moving around the territory hunting and gathering. (Vivid imagination, I know, but we are intruders on this land!)

There are still folks out doing photography! It is not too late. I love drive-by shootings.

The golds and yellows of the spectrum are brilliant, especially in the more remote forests.

People are putting up fabulous Hallowe'en and harvest decorations. I figure with 25 years teaching, added to 30 years as a mom, I paid my dues and have done enough of the former celebration for a life time!

We have no children on our street and do not get any on the day.

But I do admire those who decorate. The bright orange pumpkins are a great celebration of the harvest.

It punctuates an otherwise drab season of rain, snow, sleet and hail!

A great lunch at the Pub at the Inn: The Fox and the Hound in Bracebridge, with the fire going. This is the view off of their terrace, without the leaves to block the view.

I felt spoiled. Our excellent server snapped the photo for us.

But I know that I am doing three days of volunteer work next M/T/W and have earned the treat.

The view outside was glorious to and from our errands in town.

The meal was great: a veggie wrap for him and a spinach salad for her. Hot freshly brewed coffee.

And a nice drive home in the rain! 
So glad to be in the car, not out in the rain!

This little doodad is my friend. Do you know what it is?

I was thanking my lucky stars for it yesterday as we plummetted down to 2 degrees C. along the drive. It looks fierce out there.

The clouds are so interesting and, like the lake water, change daily and even hourly.

The winds whip up the waves and the whitecaps look powerful. A reminder of the power of the universe.

A carpet of leaves under this tree. How special that Mother Nature blesses us this way. Give me an orange or yellow carpet any day! And the sounds of the leaves as you walk through them. THAT is childhood to me.

If you look closely, you can see the spirit and the soul of the forest. You cannot bottle it. But you can feel it is you walk slowly. First Nations would honour the creatures they took. Their ecological footprints were very, very small.

They renewed themselves. They did not drain the waters or the forests of the treasures that lie within. If you stop and listen you will hear them. That crunch of moccasin on leaves. The twittering birds as they flee. I love the forest.

I bought a framed print of this piece on the right. It is by Johannus Boots.  It sums up the feeling I have about this world. Mine is a large print. It is in a frame 2 x 3 '. I bought it over time and have brought it with me to three houses! Isn't it amazing?

I just found the artist on line at Curve Lake Indian Reserve. Whetung Ojibwa Art and Crafts Gallery, Curve Lake Reserve, Ontario

Who knew? I really have to visit this gallery. I love the feeling in this print. 


Gaelyn said...

What a delightful day Jenn. So nice to experience the spirits from landscape's past. The painting is a reminder of how the two can mesh and share. Glad you stayed dry.

Cloudia said...

Thanks for sharing your vivid imagination and lovely posts with us, Jenn

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: Neat look at your Fall as it arrives. Heated seats, what a treat.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's true, fishing guy. We didn't buy the deluxe car, traded our old car and my parent's van in- just before the Economic Crisis hit. I wanted a sunroof, but we couldn't afford it. Lo and behold, this car had them. When you drive around here, and have double-digit negative temperatures, it is a nice treat.