Monday 26 October 2009

Emily attacked by mafia raccoons

It is true. My beloved Emily. Brian and I bought her for my parents in 2001. We were shopping in a marvellous downtown Ottawa Kitchen store, of all things. She sat perfectly happy by mom's fish pond. The pond is no longer there, since the pond pump leaked, I couldn't remove the oil from the pond, the fish were getting sick, and I felt that the electricity we used to run the pump didn't make sense when we lived beside a lake, and had a perfectly natural frog pond, as well.

Mom loved her flower pots. Local nurseries sell a ton of hanging baskets. Mom always had thousands of impatience. I am not patient enough for them, and they do not seem to thrive for me!

The thing about Muskoka waterfront, for me, is finding pieces of art that look beautiful. We have bought several pieces form local artisans.

Emily was the anomaly.

I made a huge mistake and put Emily down by the lake, away from the security of the garden.

She sat and enjoyed the violets in the spring. The daffodils were her sunshine on the rainy days.

Here she is down at the water.

When I arrived home from volunteering at CranFest, here is Emily, flat on her face.

I found that the raccoons had broken both of her legs.

I feel so badly. I have tried to glue them on, but there is much damage.

Where is the Sady when I need her? Sleeping on 'her' bear! (It is supposed to be mine!- It was a gift!)

Meantime, the squirrels dance across the deck railing. Two grey ones today.
The leaves are a carpet on the ground.
All is 'normal' for fall in Muskoka!


Judy said...

Jenn, you take such wonderful photos of the autumn colour!!
So sorry about Emily - I wonder if you could put he in a shrub or something so her legs would not be visible, but you could still see her enchanting face?

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you, Judy. It keeps me off the streets!

I have tried to glue them. I have left her indoors for the winter. If they do not stay glued (she's pretty fragile!) this is a great idea. Such a disappointment, but I had a feeling and did not listen to it! That 'still small voice'.

Gaelyn said...

How dare those coons break Emily's legs. What did she ever do to them?
Your fall on the lake is sublime.
Love Sady's (or your) bear bed.
I like the idea of putting Emily somewhere her poor legs won't show.