Friday 16 October 2009

CranFest, 25th Anniversary

We will volunteer tomorrow, today we walked into town to check out the action. There were lots of visitors: buses with seniors, a group of women with Red Hats, but lots of people wandering.

 And some tightly held!

It pays to get there early, get good parking, and walk. Or hop on the shuttle busses.
I love the trolley.

I'm walking by the booths, and hear a lot of music!
CranFest 2009, the 25th Anniversary, has started!

We paused, while devouring some excellent fahitas, to listen. I took a photo.
The musician on stage with JAZZTEX, offered me $10 if I put his photo on the web!
I decided to do him a video, for free!

He's about 20 seconds into the video below.

Sue Gurr, one of our local musicians, was crooning away in the Bala Falls parking lot area, as well as a South American group or two from Peru.

The foodies (great fahitas, tomorrow I'm having chicken fingers & fries) were bopping to the sounds of JAZZTEX's Neil Young covers.
 There are the ubiquitous popcorn, butterfly chips, burgers, and even cranapples.

This is the music video. Sounds of the CranFest!

This man asked if his photo would end up on the web. Of course,  said! They were the cutest hats!

The little Cran Elves have done their work. I even spotted Santa in his usual position at the Bala Falls parking lot.

Co-chair Judy, has been working CranFest for a long time.  And she has the buttons to prove it! Perhaps she should be honourary CranGran?

She used to wear them on a hat, but they do not fit any more! 

I spotted a reporter who seemed not to be doing much. Well, he said he was doing brain work!

Our firefighters were showing off a cool piece of equipment. No, I won't show it today, you'll have to visit, a 4-wheeler with water containers. And, yes, we have female volunteers, too! Such great role models for the young women.

Inside the arena are the juried artisans. I asked to take a photo of one artist working. He thanked me for asking about taking his photo. He has had non-customers photographing his intellectual property, stating that they 'couldn't afford to  buy a picture'.


 Talk about blatant theft!

Hubby bought an imported cotton shirt that he doesn't have to Belichick in order to do dishes! 
It was made in Mali, an East African country, famous for the Niger R. and Timbuktu!

They look like a photo in contrasts!

There are some more sights and sounds on my video. The rest of my photos are here! Remember, respect intellectual property!

A great w/e in town.
Supposed to be good weather, unlike the gales of the past, or rain, or snow!

Hope to see you here!


Vagabonde said...

This fair must have been a lot of fun and it looks like the weather was very nice. I never tasted cranberries until I came to North America and I love them now – the season is quite short though. Your photos and clip made the cranfest come alive.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm so glad the weather turned out to be nice. I'm sure tons of planning has gone into CranFest and what a shame it would be if the weather turned out nasty.

Have a great day tomorrow too!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: That is a lot of fun for certain. I really enjoyed the videos of the singing and the trolley.
Your header is so colorful.

Nancy Tapley said...

Jenn, I've linked your cranberry posts to my Bondi Resort Blog, because nobody's going to match your photos and videos! Great stuff!

Brian looks very spiffy in his new shirt, too!

Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks, Nancy! It was a very busy day in town! Glad I took photos yesterday!

Powell River Books said...

That looks like great fun! We have Cranberry Lake here in Powell River but I think all of the cranberries have been destroyed. Such is progress. We have our annual festival in honor of the blackberry. They are so tenacious I don't think they'll ever be wiped out. - Margy

Gaelyn said...

Sure looks like a fun festival.

Caitlin said...

You must have watched a lot of football with Brian to make a reference like that! Great pictures. I wish I could have been there.