Sunday 20 September 2009

Bracebridge Fall Fair - Horses!

What a beautiful day for it! Blue as far as the eye can see. Hubby wanted to see the horses and so we set the alarm and took off for the fairgrounds.

The morning temperature was only 6 C., and so I wore layers. Being still subject to hot flashes I need to be able to, er, um, strip as the moment calls for it! Eventually it settled into a lovely 20, or so, but I took my quilted Muskoka 'suit jacket' to the car, eventually unwrapped my pashmina from my neck, and tied my fleece around my waist. (Sometimes, hot flashes are preceded by cold spells. What can I say?)

These babies were about 6 mos. old, a bit worried about their first fair visit.

The massive Clydes were between 1900 and 2200 lbs. each, from M & M farms.

But, back to the fair. People are so friendly. As I sit and write this, some yahoos are tubing on the lake, and it must be the younger group, as the swearing as they fall off the tube and complain about losing their swim trunks, is painful to my ears. (Yes, I am an old f@rt!) The lake sounds like we are at the ocean, with waves crashing onto the shore. Why was it the people at the fair were so polite, calm and well-mannered? Oh, yes. They've been socialized! What a great thing in which to get your kids involved.

Some participants stand hanging onto the bridle, or sit atop their horse, with a grim look of fear. What powerful lessons they will learn. Discipline. Strength. How to deal with disappointment or failure. They are all lessons! I made sure I smiled at all. You have to take a risk to win, or you will never put yourself into the running and you will always lose!

I met someone who came from Orillia, Faye Rose, one obvious long-time horse show participant, although she told me she hasn't done a show herself in 12 years. She was coaching some of the well-appointed young folks. Like a den mother, I know the advice is appreciated and I fell in love with her right away. There is much to think about, harder still to keep it all in mind as the judge stares you down.

Perfectly willing to share tips with younger participants, we learned much. Even found a horse for sale. As if! Lovely young people dressed to the 9's, handing sun glasses to their mothers, since they knew it wasn't acceptable in the formality of the ring. I love the protocol. (Is that the right word?)

The culture of recreation and sports creates a standard, much celebrated on "What Not To Wear", I wrote a rant on that, too! Amazing how each generation tries to find a style of their own, and 40-somethings try to look as if they are 20-something. These young men and women looked terrific in their dark wash jeans, and rhinestone jackets. They knew what the judges expected.

There were the traditional baking and vegetable contests, quilting, photography and the petting zoo.

Lots to eat. The volunteers cooked up a smashing pancake breakfast. Don't you love those? So great to help out and contribute to their cause.


Gaelyn said...

Looks like fun at the fair.

For hot flashes you should try Black Cohosh. It may take a month before you notice it working. I swore by it as have many of my friends.

Jenn Jilks said...

I tried it all, Gaelyn, trust me! But thanks for the suggestion.
I researched and researched it. They are diminishing as my stress diminishes (bereavement and depression issues!).

Mary said...

Your Fall Fair looks like a good time. I was looking back through all the photos. Love all the horse and the people and all the stuff to see. A fun event. Sort of like our county and state fairs.