Friday, 7 August 2009

Skywatch Friday

We are watching the skies today.skywatch
I saw the OPP helicopter pass over, headed south. This is not usually good news.

There are many planes, trains, boats and bird to please a 20-month old! But I really liked this man installing new town lights. The sky so blue.

How very exciting for a wee one to hear the 'Pane! Pane!"


SandyCarlson said...

I enjoyed the flight of that plane as well as the photo. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo ,such a blue sky !
The repairman reminds me of an old fashioned lamplighter , just the way he is working intently on the light.

I read the rest of the page too, such a lovely and dangerous place to live .

Barry said...

My wife and I used to live a little further north than you, in Powassan. But the skies were just as blue.

We certainly love Muskoka and spent much time there.

Sally in WA said...

Nice picture of the new town lights. I like the old fashioned-ness of the them.