Tuesday 18 August 2009

My World Tuesday XLV -walkies by the lake

The queen sits amongst the clover, surveying her territory. Since she treed the fisher (Oct., 2007) that was more than twice her size, she has been the queen of her castle. We have seen none since.

"Daddy," she cries. "Wait for me!" They have their daily ritual. Often she'll come to the door and call out for a walk. Good exercise for them! Rituals hold such an important part of our lives.

All right, off they go around the lakeshore. A peaceful trip around the yard. If he misses a spot, she'll let him know and he'll have to go back.
The flowers bloom; bees buzz. All is well with the world. The Flower Rock remains so, for many years now. Another ritual I must keep up.

The loon glides by, while boats circle her, boat wash does not faze her anymore. Her haunting cry in the wee hours of the dark morning a haunting warning of the cycle of life and that fall is approaching.

MWT White
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Gem said...

Having a giggle at the cat enjoying her walk. My Sylvester used to like going for a walk with me to the local coffee shop, say hello to everyone and then watch the ducks and swans while I enjoyed a coffee.
This was when we lived in London, on an island before moving to Canada.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jenn: That is a beautiful look at the lake and all the neat photos. I love to see the Loon and hear its haunting cry.

Cloudia said...

How Very Lovely!
Our little companions' routines add so much to our lives!

Comfort Spiral

Judy said...

Hi, Jenn - So glad to hear about another cat that likes her walkies! Years ago, I would walk the dog and the kids, and often had cats walking with us. It was really funny when all three came along. But the kids grew up, the dog and all those cats passed on. Now we have an indoor only cat.

ninja said...

Smart kitty. And cute.

Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

A beautiful, peaceful day on the lake. Don't think I've ever heard of a cat that demands her walks!!

Jenn, I just commented on your touching transformative moment posted on one of your other blogs. Because I usually come here to find you - I did not recognize the blog and had this moment of panic that I had somehow ignored the person who left so many valued comments on my blog. I couldn't believe it. Phew. I was so relieved to see that I'd always been connecting with you on My Muskoka. (I was quite upset with myself for a moment there!)

Lorac said...

Great photos, great times! Love the Catwalk! I didn't know he treed a Fischer! Holy crow, those things are vicious when cornered. What a brave cat!

George said...

What a wonderful look at your lake. I enjoyed the pictures of the 'queen' on her walk with daddy as well.