Friday, 10 July 2009

Dumb as a brick

You have to understand that our critters have survived many years in My Muskoka. But, then, there are chipmunks.

When the kids were young (the young lady on the left turns 30 this summer), we fed them and had a grand time.

However, with 3 cats in our house (although only two that can actually hunt), things have changed. Sady captures a chipmunk every other day or so, and her brother, Oliver, nips outside to pluck it from her grasp. Really. It is rather funny. Rather like the lioness who brings her kill to the lion.

Somehow, with our eavestrophe leakage problem, they are in our attic. I found evidence. When I scraped out the rotting wood acorns dropped out of the wall. Everyone wants to live with us.

Now, our handsome cat, Oliver (Mr. Innocent sharing the bench with me), has been religiously is praying at the temple of, "Please, God, let me get one today!"
And he has been quite successful. He has to climb up into the rafters, on tippy toe, but he does it!

They thrive in our wood pile, and when I walk outside they are there, scolding me for being so close. But, day after day, even when Ollie manage to score their aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, they still like to live near our house.

It wasn't a problem when Bandy, my Dad's dog, lived here. Bandy would not let any of them near the house.

I miss Bandy. When we put Dad into LTC, we found a home for his dog with one of his Red Cross workers. It broke Dad's heart, but had to be done. They gave Bandy a good home.

With hormone problems, Bandy needs a pill a week, otherwise she is incontinent. I mean it! My poor parents. They were ill and incontinent, too.

Meantime, our dumb as bricks chipmunks keep getting caught. I feel so badly, but then think about the gene pool.

What are the lessons? I do not know. But I do know that humans have invaded territory better left to the 4-legged ones. We try to behave.

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Thank you, Jenn for your kind hospitality! I so enjoy my visits here....

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