Saturday 25 July 2009

Bearly there: feast, fowl and famine

Camera Critters

You'd think this were the end of my tail, but it is not. It is just a heads up about the latest bear tails in Bala...
The bear has not disappeared, despite people trying to educate neighbours - seasonal tourists, speeding drivers, visitors, guests, and the like.

The MNR has guided us in being more vigilant about taking care with our garbage, putting it out on the day of pick-up, rinsing out recycling, taking down bird feeders, and cleaning our BBQs.

But the Bala bear is still here. S/he left a deposit near where it was spotted earlier this season.
But, the news is that some nutjob has still been feeding his wildlife: raccoons...What is he thinking? Or is he? The bear turned up and he shot it, too. My goodness.

In the meantime, folks around have been upset that the OPP have shot at a bear who was visiting a play ground. I would hope that my police would protect us and our kids as best they know how. Sometimes an immediate response is necessary. Who knows how quickly the MNR could get there.

The MNR staff do hope that by stopping feeding the bears, they will cease to visit regular stopping places, but I think this a wish. The bears are not as common in remote cottages, where cottagers look after garbage. The bears have instincts and habits. I watch our wildlife and notice that they make regular stops to feeding grounds.

Our geese feed regularly on the water hyacinth, but do not take all the food, grazing and returning later , sort of 'rotating their crops'. Some species have learned this trick. They make regular stops in a regular pattern. Once set, it is hard to break them of it. It is what has ensured their survival. For this reason I think we are doomed since people have been inadvertently feeding the bears with bird feeders and garbage.

Lately, as I walk my property, I noticed that the blueberries and the raspberries are nearly ripe. I wonder how much this will keep the bear around this area? You'd think the bears would prefer natural sources of food, and now that we have some - look out!

The geese and the ducks do a regular rotation of our clover, too. (I have given up on grass!) They never over feed, and graze in different spots.

But back to the bears... the MNR, after many sightings, have chosen to set a bear trap, since the bear is a frequent visitor in these parts.

It is tourist season, and some are thinking that the tourists are fair game. The geese just do not understand them!

Our Toronto visitors have been leaving garbage around in local parks since the Toronto garbage collectors are on strike, they think it a great way to dump their trash. Just ask the folks who live across from the park. They are not amused. Their cat disappeared for two days last time it saw the bear. I fervently hope that Torontonians settle the contract soon. We have to learn to live with the wildlife, and live our lives that shows respect for the environment. Please, tourists, respect us, as well. We live here and really do not bears wandering like this.

The animal life can learn to get along with one another, if only they could show respect. Except, of course, for the poor old chipmunks, they are fair game...and haven't learned their lessons.

You should see me chasing the little twerp around trying to save the chippies. I feel so badly about it, but they keep coming back.

It is a quick and certain death. They really are Dumb as a brick...


Grammy said...

Those are wonderful photos. I love the mom and baby's.

Snap said...

Wonderful photos. Love the geese and the mighty hunter!

Jane said...

Poor mouse, nice photos of the geese though-thanks for posting:)

Esther Garvi said...

Aw, the poor chipmunk! He still looks alive on that picture!

Love shots of the birds!

Judy said...

At least there is only one cat! Here we have 2 dogs, and if they manage to catch a squirrel, they play tug, until Daddy starts yelling at them to drop it. Then he gets to pick up the tail and the squirrel, separately!

Jenn Jilks said...

The cats take great pleasure in stealing prey from one another. Which is a good thing. Sady is highly allergic and we spend big bucks on hypoallergenic vet sanctioned food. She eats this stuff, throws up, and comes in the hosue to eat her real food!

There are 3 cats at our house, with one that stays indoors.

And the one cat treed a fisher, who has not returned. (Smart cookie!)

Carletta said...

Can' help but love the intricate pattern of those feathers. :) Nice detailed shot.
But poor little chipmunk.

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.


Excellent photo story!

Janie said...

Nice Geese photos. Poor little chipmunk didn't realize the kitty was such a good hunter, i guess.

Cloudia said...

Great hunter-great post!

I love my visits to the lake, Jenn


Comfort Spiral

Leenie said...

Nice photos! Liked all the fowl photos on the previous blog too. You have quite a collection of bird friends.

Tulip said...

wow that's a lot of ducks socializing each other.

Anonymous said...

As much as I dislike chipmunks, I hate to see cats killing them.
Pick a Peck of Pixels

gleaner said...

Hi Jenn, I looked everywhere for this post in your other blog - I didn't know about this one. Great wildlife photos!