Thursday, 18 June 2009

Working for a living

I ducklingsmost admirsleeping ducks liee those who must get up every day, perhaps ferry kids to and from a day care provider, and do their boring, or challenging jobs with little reward, other than monetary, and some difficulties.

This ducky mom knows how to move her charges: she swims around them in a circle until they get in formation. Her day care centre is our Flower Rock. I can remember running after kids to get them out the door. What a time. But nap times were my favourite times. A few minutes in the day when all is peaceful, and all of us paused. They trusted me enough to let me get pretty close, one eye opened!

By the time you have gotten up every day for 20+ years it gets both easier and more difficult. The kids grow and become more independent, vacation times increase, and you become better at what you do. That is why I liked teaching. While there is a rhythm to the seasons, the rituals and the traditions or celebrations. Each classroom community was different and each day was a challenge. Having three kids meant I really didn't have the 'summer off', but it was a nice myth. It was juggling all the stakeholders priorities that drove me nuts!

For those who put in a 12-hour day, flagging is another long job with many stakeholders, 'scuse the pun! I have heard parents talk of their young people who find this job hard to manage! What a long day simply standing. I cannot imagine standing up for hours through rain, snow, sleet, bugs, hot summer sun and tourist season. Every driver is the expert on how you should do your job. This was a pose I could not resist.
Let me preface this by saying we do not honour volunteers enough. Volunteers are our unsung heroes.

Fortunately, the nightingale sang in Port Carling last night. Our township's elected and employed individuals highlighted those who gave of themselves through Gardens in Bloom, skating, Meals on Wheels, and many other avenues for giving back to one's community.

These awards occur every two years. I present you some brief snapshots of the celebration in Muskoka Lakes.

Mari and Jack and Linda, Bala volunteers.

My husband, Brian, and many in attendance.

Mark Clairmont took time to get them organized. Finally, they all settled! It was like herding cats.

The paparazzi were fun, capturing the moment, too.

It was a good time to visit and get reacquainted with one another.
Brian and Keith, both Meals on Wheels volunteers have a chat. Keith is famous at the Bala Legion. A continual volunteer; driving or organising, or driving the organisation. A former parachutist in WW II, he has lived well and long, often delivering services to those younger than he!


EG CameraGirl said...

It's wonderful that volunteers in your area are recognized for what they do! Kudos to all!

Cloudia said...

Well done all 'round!
Salutes & aloha, Jenn

Carolyn said...

So nice to see volunteers getting the kudos they deserve. Where would we be without them? Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.