Sunday, 7 June 2009

Paris in the the spring

dinnerJust kidding! We did go to Paris for our post honeymoon. We have the photos to prove it.

The dinner was marvellous, we ordered the same seafood platter- you can see what they had in my photo! But that was when we were both gainfully employed.

But our recent 47km trip into Bracebridge was an adventure.
Fred 5 was choosing flowers for his gardens. Everyone loves flower pots around here.

I planted some seeds, and just spotted my Morning Glory seeds, which have germinated. I shall watch them carefully.

While most plant by the May long weekend, it has been cold. Fred 5 might be slowed down by his hood ornament...

Gardeners, like Fred, are just getting going.
Others are fearful of getting going.
There are a great many slow drivers out these days. People who seem to fear doing the speed limit. They get passed by those who cannot abide the slow progress and in frustration zip around them.

"Peddle faster, Martha, they're getting by us!" - they often speed up, once 2 or 3 other drivers pass 'em by.

I fear for these drivers, but I have written about them in my Ontario Seniors blog. We know that with age our senses are less sharp. Response time slow, and range of motion issues restrict our ability to check blind spots. With 15% of our residents being over the age of 65, the LHIN website says, "The population in Simcoe and Muskoka is expected to continue to age over the next 25 years. By 2031, seniors (65+) are expected to make up 26% of the population, nearly double the projected 2007 percentage of 15% of the total population."

We don't know if these people are sightseeing, poor drivers, or just have bad eye sight. Either way we stay well back. There are others who cannot seem to stay within the lines - my hubby says the line is just there for 'guidance'. The lines are for chumps.

This guy wandered back and forth, easing into the turns by slowing down, and scaring the odd driver that approached him as he wandered into the other lane. His 4-legged passenger in the seat beside him didn't seem too phased by it all. You could its furry white face in the window at the turn.

Everyone was out looking for lunch on this sunny day. A starling was gathering bugs. She ran around the lawn, then flew to a nearby tree to feed her babies. Over and over again she flew back and forth.

These folks stopped for a snack at Oliver's. I fear for the bike riders, seeing as some cars have trouble staying within the lines. It is only a matter of time, I 'spose.

Between a doctor's appointment, and stuff to do it is a moot point whether we eat here or there.

We haven't eaten out in a long time and we went out to our local pub for lunch. It is important to support the local economy.

I love the Inn At The Falls. The chef produces a lovely array of non-pub-like food!

I know it is approaching summer when we can sit outdoors and eat.

The patio at the (haunted) Fox and Hounds Pub is lovely - no bugs! And I love people watching here.

A croissant and mixed greens salad.
Local produce has been great at the markets. Our cherry tomatoes are scrumptious.

Our Executive Chef delivered something delicious to another table and our server (black t-shirt) ran around getting our lunch. We sat on the upper level, the better to people watch!

The fern fronds looked luscious in the Inn's garden, in the sunshine. We soaked up the sun, like reptiles, glad the long winter s over.

Once home, we watched Eva escort her babes along the dock. I remember my kindergarten students all lined up like this.

The ducks were having another food fight. The goose would share, but the ducks didn't like this.

They expend more energy chasing one another away than eating together. I have to convince them that this is more like restaurant than a family dinner where everyone becomes dysfunctional.

Eva escorted her goslings to the rock, waddling across our dock leaving her tell-tale deposits. You can tell when they've eaten clover, as it is green. (TMI?!)

They were ready for cracked corn and heading for the Flower Rock. The goslings were hungry, mom was vigilant and watching for the cat.

Eva heard Oliver call to me, and her head popped up, quite aware that he chased her the other day. Today was a truce, though.

After lunch everyone needs a wash-up. Oliver is quite meticulous.

We were glad to make it home safely and let the rebel cats out for a run in the sun. A good time was had by all.


George said...

It sounds as if you had quite a day. It also sounds as if some of your drivers are related to some of our drivers down here in Tennessee. But I can't say too much since I am quickly getting into that 'older' category!

Jenn Jilks said...

'Strewth, George! I can afford to be patient, since I live here. Too many tourists are not!