Thursday, 4 June 2009

Our precious wild young 'uns

It is important to respect nature and do no harm. Creatures in Muskoka are not well-respected, since many have some sense of entitlement to exploiting their cottage country property.

See full size imageThere are those who burn leaves (this is a no-no to environmentally-friendly citizens).
There are those who interfere with the ecosystem and the biome*, and mess with the shoreline, drive too fast near shore, do not understand the do's and don'ts of country/lake life, and those who refuse to let nature take its course.

Wise Muskokans do not interfere,
with flora or fauna, including the deer.

(Can't help it. It just rhymed when I wrote it!)
At the right you can see our friend the dragonfly and the spider. I think it was a meeting...discussing bug patrol!

Unfortunately, how do you convince a domesticated animal, such as cats, that this is our family policy? The cats have developed an understanding of the raccoons.

Sady half-heartedly chases flea-infected rockyRocky (daughter of Butch, another the lactating momma) off the deck when she knows we are watching.
Rocky just sticks her tongue out at me. She knows who is boss. I let her have a bit of sunflower seeds, it means she stays out of my gardens, and then I bring the feeder in for the night.

One night I saw her hauling up the chain for the finch feeder, just like a fisher bringing in her nets. It needs a chain as it breaks with her weight.

Two years ago, Sady treed a fisher. That wasn't so bad, since our large and small fishers, who swim like fish, like to rip the ducklings and goslings away from maternal ducks and geese. There is plenty of food else where. We just didn't want to witness the cycle of life on our door step!

Then there is Oliver.

I have tried to convince him that we do not own the land, we only borrow it from our children, but since he is 'fixed' he seems to want to party, dude, all day long.frog

snapping turtleHe ran over to join me as I took photos of our turtle (who seems better with warmer temperatures), and frogs.

Our critters give us much enjoyment, but Oliver, is on his irregular power trip, just like those who disrespect the cycle of life, he feels a sense of entitlement controlling things around him. Even though his name is not on the deed for the land, he feels the need to harass the land and sea creatures. Little twerp!
Here is his latest adventure.

Eva and her goslings conveniently crop our clover. Eva watches for predators carefully.

She took her babies over for some cracked corn, but Ollie decided to run at her - he's only 1/3 her size! And you know what they say aOl and Evabout mamas protecting their young...

Good old Eva gave Oliver a raspberry, tongue and all. That'll show him.

Funny how the one gosling sticks near to mom.
The others sat in a wee group of three.

She rose up and flapped her wings, showing him who is boss.


Content to sit and watch, Eva watches Ollie carefully. The goslings stayed on the other side of mom. Mr. Oliver sat under the shade of the rock, out of the sun.

A truce was made and all lived happily ever after - or at least until the next day.

*Biomes are climatically and geographically defined areas of ecologically similar climatic conditions such as communities of plants, animals, and soil organisms


Cloudia said...

Waikiki salutes sister paradise Muskoka!

George said...

What a wonderful essay. Thanks for the words and the pictures.

i beati said...

wonderful portrayal sandy

Snap said...

Wonderful words and photos. Thank you for sharing Muskoka with us.


That's quite a menagerie!