Saturday 30 May 2009

Hospice Muskoka Opens a New Palliative Care Room

Palliative Care and end-of-life care, is a crucial issue in health care. It is the right of every patient to die in dignity, with comfort measures that ensure that they are, indeed, comfortable. I have written else where that this is not always the case, especially for those without an advocate, i.e., in Long-Term Care. We also want family members to feel at ease physically, if not mentally. I have created a number of posts on Senior Health Care, specifically palliative care, it is of major concern. For those with the means and the methods, finding care is not so painless, but we do know that those with money tend to access more health care, than those with less means (Seow, 2008). Hospice Butterfly Ball

What is a shame is that Hospices in Canada depend about 70% on donations, despite our advocacy in this needy area of Dying With Dignity. Hospice Muskoka just finished the Butterfly Ball fundraiser. We are a busy group.

For those who have been with loved ones at the stage of life, we know the difference it makes to have access to nurses, and comfort measures. To that end, Hospice Muskoka, including, Sandra Winspear (Executive Director), Owen Mellow (Chairperson) and Board members - Pauline Bullock, Gail Oakley, Bonnie Blain, and Stephen Drury were all present yesterday at the ribbon cutting ceremony. In addition, Janice Smith (Office Administrator), and Michele de Koning (Intake Coordinator) were there to assist. Paul Demsey was in attendance, he spear-headed the first palliative care room in SMMH. Local politicians were there to speechify, as well as many volunteers.

I include here, Hospice Muskoka #1 Intro Owen Mellow, the reasoning behind the creation of a third palliative care room, by Owen.

Speeches can be viewed:

Resources: Ontario
Seow, H. (2008). The use of end-of-life homecare services in Ontario, Canada: Is it associated with using fewer acute care services? ( research was presented at the NSM LHIN Palliative Care conference in Orillia, March 25, 2009. Dr. Seow will be working at McMaster.

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