Saturday 9 May 2009

The Butterfly Ball

It was with great delight that I attended the Butterfly Ball at the Muskoka Wharf Gallery. A fundraiser for Hospice Muskoka, many made valuable financial and temporal contributions.

As a Hospice Muskoka volunteer I have a deep commitment to helping families manage the care of family members in palliative care. I blog about current issues in Health Care - having done much research for my book.

Hospice Muskoka has two beds in the local hospital
Be sure to visit the Hospice Muskoka website (click on the logo) for more information. (or here: To make a donation. )Sandra Winspear (right), our Executive Director, is a hard-working person committed to helping provide care to clients and their families at home, in hospital, in seniors' residences and Long-Term Care home. We welcome volunteers, people to serve on committees, and donations.

We are only funded 22% by the government, yet provide an important service by volunteering in the community. Fundraising consumes much time and energy. Volunteers are reimbursed mileage, but otherwise we are experienced, trained caregivers who have taken the Foundations of Palliative Care Course, a provincially-mandated program delivered by RNs. Quality End-of-life care: the right of every Canadian.

We provide
  • companionship, a listening ear, reading aloud, simple comfort measures (i.e., Therapeutic Touch), assistance with daily activities, writing letters, relief for caregivers, telephone support, bereavement follow-up, bedside vigil while family members rest.
There is much misinformation about palliative care, perpetuated by the myths surrounding pain and pain management. That said, this fundraiser was wonderful fun-filled event. Jim, suitably attired, affable host and owner of Muskoka Bay Gallery & Gifts, hams it up with hard-working Elke Scholz. She is a well known artist and expressive arts therapist.

Elke and I exchanged books at the last hospice volunteer conference, Live~Love~Laugh, and I am taking great delight in reading it, with a wealth of creative emotional and spiritual activities for those dealing with affective beliefs.

Patrons ambled around, viewing the incredible pieces on view. I must admit that my garden contains many pieces purchased here!
Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound Muskoka was there in support. While Sandra Winspear, Executive Director of Hospice Muskoka listens attentively.

Norm Miller
Riverwalk Executive Chef, David Friesen, prepared delicious treats for all - right there on the porch.

Everyone waited with baited breath, including my husband, as Sandra chose another draw winner. There were several door prizes.

Jack and Linda Hutton were there, long-time supporters of Hospice and pillars of the Bala volunteer community, including Meals on Wheels.

From My Muskoka

Artist: Elsa Boisjoly; a delightful francophone, spoke with guests. Incredible works with butterflies and flowers. The colours are wonderfully vibrant.

Sandra auctioned one of Elsa's painting; with proceeds to Hospice.
From My Muskoka

Marcel, of Imagine Wood , here chatting with customers. He donated butter knives for the gift bags we all took home. (We bought a scoop, too!)

The event was spearheaded by the affable actor turned bank manager, Kyla Taylor, of National Bank. She radiates energy and enthusiasm, a new supporter of Hospice Muskoka. I loved watching her - my actor son, I know, exhibits the same "on" qualities!

Janice Smith, and Sandra Winspear, of Hospice Muskoka worked from their office.

Many thanks to all who made this event a fine one, in Muskoka tradition!

My YouTube Video of the fun and merriment!

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