Sunday 3 May 2009

Beware of bugs

Here we are: hooray for May!
The black flies are now out in hordes.
Here is a photo of one in the house, with a flash, and another on the screen.
There is the odd mosquito, but not many. It is too cold! We have been a bit colder, usually our temperature is 5 degrees below that of Toronto. Our night time temps have been -2 in open areas sometimes. Yesterday was frigid with the wind. One needs to bundle up.

The bugs have begun. I have not found them too bad at the lake, where wind blLangmuir Streaksows the bugs and Langmuir Streaks across the lake. These are the little frothy bubbles that dance in a line across the lake, in the direction of the wind. (See the video below for a demonstration!)

For more information on Muskoka bugs, see this post from June, 2008. Currently, we await the hatching of the black flies. They like the cooler weather. Next, come the mosquitoes.


We have seasons for bugs: June and July, brings various critters out.

The tourists are nuts. They were out fishin', too! Drivers in a hurry. Roadside memorials do not dissuade them. Lasroadside memorialt night, while trying to get the rebel cats in, I could hear the tourists shooting off fireworks.

We have had dry weather; there is no daytime burning. Yet, there are flooded spots in Gravenhurst.

For the curious...


Ontario Wanderer said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting on tools. Probably a good thing I was not at the auction. I avoided my grandfather's auction for the same reason.

Meanwhile, outside, we have had mosquitoes for a couple of weeks but nothing biting too much yet. I am also seeing a few black flies as of yesterday. On an even more disturbing note, I had a wood tick on me two weeks ago. I do not like the fact that they are coming further north.

Jenn Jilks said...

It is as I thought. I love the wind. The sun warms and keeps the bugs down, too. Keep those sleeves long and pants tucked in!

Can anyone identify the bug for me?!

Powell River Books said...

I remember black flies from a trip we took to the east coast. They really hurt! A friend had just had a perm and they ate up her forehead, I guess they were attracted to the smell still on her skin. So far we only have a few mosquitoes up the lake. But when we rode our quads to a smaller lake they were already hatching and hungry. - Margy