Monday, 6 April 2009

NaPoWriMo #6 -Spring Dreams

napowrimo #6
I am not totally thrilled with this prompt: an image, by an excellent photographer, that means little to me. I have taken, perhaps, 15,000 photos and one of my own doesn't emerge from the blizzard in my mind.

Instead, I popped off to April PAD Challenge: Day 6
write a poem about something missing.

Spring is missing
it lays under the heavy clouds
the lie of the calendar
burying dreams
an old nightmare

April showers bring May flowers
she chanted
but what does April snow bring?

crocus faces covered in snow
weeping dewy tears
geese scrabbling for footholds
birds digging out seeds from bird feeders
ducks making snakes in snow-covered lakes

pine needles droop with despair
their green painted over in white
the wind relieves the branches
blows branches free of their burdens

colour April green with hope
yellow forsythia and purple lilacs
violets nodding heads in summer reverie
for those who curse the storm
hold fast to faith
the promise of eternity will unfold


Danielle Mari said...

OK, let me just start by saying A-MEN! (We're getting snow, too.) I love this piece! So much great to highlight-- scrabbling geese, teary crocuses, the chanting girl.
Love it!

Jessica said...

I love the question of what does April snow bring. We're asking it too in Minnesota, since we just got snow yesterday.

Martha Z said...

Hang in there, I'm sure spring will come eventually just as it has here in California.

SandyCarlson said...

Oh that April snow. Haven't seen any yet but we could yet! I enjoyed your writing. Beautiful.