Friday, 17 April 2009

napowrimo #17: Appetite

napowrimo #17: missing something prompt

Instead of “missing someone/something,” maybe you’d like to write about “something missing.”

I´ve Lost My Appetite

I´ve lost my appetite
Where the heck did it go?
I looked in the kitchen
and found only empty peanut shells

I looked under the bed
but the dust bunnies
sat there wriggling and giggling
in gleeful harmony.

I looked in the living room
but it wasn´t there beside the tattered T.V.Guide.

It´s vanished with headaches,
sleepless nights and tears.
It´s been lost for an eternity.
I don’t know where else to look.

I sought it once in late nights
and too many cold beer,
but that was an illusion
For a time it sufficed
but I no longer fool even myself.

like the dam car keys,
it will show up when I stop searching so desperately.

In the meantime I do not hunger
My clothes must be pinned
They hang loosely from my hips

I´ve lost my appetite.
Where do I look now?

This poem relates to Appetite Found!

This work is © Jennifer Jilks.

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