Sunday 26 April 2009

my spring garden

Spring is here and I am fervently looking out for our 5 (or so) trillium platrilliumnts, most having been eradicated when the cottage and house were built. Back in the 60s we didn't understand about such environmental concepts. When you drive along the highways, however, you can see carpets of trillium deep in the forest.

I do enjoy the cycles of the garden. Soon we will see forget-me-nots, and violets. My hyacinth are up and the smell is glorious. The trees are in bud and all is well with the cycle of life.

I know other bloggers feel the renewal of our spirits, as much as our gardens, as the cheery, bright flowers raise their heads to the sky and the sun.

I am not a planning gardener. I tend to find things I like and experiment with bringing home new friends for my garden. Some flowers jump off the shelf and onto my cart. Others I plant for their colour or their associations. I do my research and understand the differences between sun and shade plants, those that tolerate drought or humidity. The challenge is to put plants in that stretch the limits of our climate.

Our trips to Niagara-on-the-lake showed me phenomenal magnolia, Rose of Sharon fruit trees, and gardens that benefits from warmer climes. My challenge has been keeping my Rose of Sharon warm. I ended up planting it on the sewer tank. It keeps it above the -10 C. that it prefers when our thermometer goes well below that!

Lately, I have been experimenting with aquaculture by encouraging water plants in our lake. Barriers to prevent the extreme boat wash from washing out the lake's pickerel weed and water lilies and sending minnows and ducklings flying. (More about that later!)

balloon flowerOne year we went to the nursery and all of my children chose a particular plant. Balloon flower (left) was our favourite choice that year. I inherited my mother and father's garden, although they were unable to work in it for many years. I had fun finding plants from my gardens in other cities and trying them out.

My favourite photo of my dad is him hauling things around his garden, on the cover of my book!
he was heart broken when he could not work in his precious garden.

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EG CameraGirl said...

It's so exciting that our gardens are waking up...finally! I've been watching spring move slowly north as I bet you have been too. Yesterday my first daffodils started to bloom. Woohoo!

Love your balloon flower. The blue is lovely.