Saturday 4 April 2009

It's my fault

I put the shovels away - well, actually, I only thought about doing that...I thought that I wouldn't have to shovel again for months.

Several cms on the ground, and the thermometer is hovering around 0˚. It is not surprising, but it is shocking. The clover has an icing sugar topping, if the geese want to get back at it!

The ducks don't look too pleased. A new pair slow over, eying Oscar & Myrtle.

The water is rising, as it tends to do.
I had to move the bench back, the water is running up and down inland in a tide (from the wind). The ice, as you can see, is not off the bulk of the lake. It pushes the water and it is rather soothing.

We are just as happy: no boats or snowmobiles! The sun will return sometime. The seasons, between the cold of the deep winter and the heat of the summer, prepare us for changes to come.

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Travis Erwin said...

Here's hoping Springs shrugs off it's reluctance soon.