Sunday, 19 April 2009

Appetite Found

I found it at last
standing at the banquet table
a veritable feast lay before me
all life´s offerings from which to choose
revelling in the bounty
sample a morsel of each
a sip of fine wine in between to cleanse the palate
dining so long on greasy hamburger
´tis time to sample the other foods

spotting filet mignon
top cut, lean but rather decadent
bacon sensuously wrapped around the outside
I take a nibble
someone has already established their territory
the fork firmly implanted
juices rolling down the sides

a pork loin roast sits on a silver platter
lean meat glistens
I touch it
lick the juice off of my finger
it too is taken
she removes the paper frills as she prepares to devour
what a fine cut of meat
a sense of humour
but a serious hunk of flesh
moving on I sigh

a chef stands by
preparing a chicken stir fry
despite outward appearance
not very good for you
fuel for the brain cells
but you never get enough meat
to sink your teeth into
the chicken is lean and tender
sample the juicy meat
bite the tops off the broccoli
the bamboo shoots slide down my throat
this isn´t what I´m hungry for

saunter down the table
eying a large lobster
large dangerous claw
finely sectioned body
succulent meat
waiting to be devoured
rare and expensive but tasty

This work is © Jennifer Jilks.


Lluvia said...

WOW! I love it! Thanks for visiting my post, so I could link to yours. I think most others are probably familiar with each other, but I am not.

sarah said...

Very clever and so evocative ... but alas, she got no complete meal ;-)

Jeeves said...