Sunday, 11 January 2009

MTM - Port Carling

port carling bikersNot to present a history lesson, I want to laud the wee town of 'Port', as she is affectionately called, from a tourist point of view. (History was never my thing!)

I am deliberately showing some summer shots...with a morning temperature of -25 C., it just makes me feel better and to have hope for spring.

Created in 1886, it is a delightful town. You can read about her in many books. My favourite being Raisin Wine, by our former Lt. Gov., James Bartleman. If you look closely at the mural above, you can see that it is made of of various photographs donated by locals. There is more info on the township's site: The Port Carling Wall.

Currently, work is being done on the lift bridge, it slows you down - but this can be a good thing! Traffic is down to one lane. In summer the bridge lifts to allow the steamships to go by. It is an amazing sight.

This small town has an incredible library. It is pictured on the Muskoka Lakes Library site. Built by the township, with a generous donation by a local couple, the Alloways. there are many extras including cedar shakes on the roof. It is light, bright, and a perfect place to sit and read.

There is a canoe in front of the delightful building.
I donated a copy of my book, and I hear that it is in circulation!

Port has many small businesses that thrive in a tourist-season economy.

"Port Carling, one of the earliest settlement on the lakes, is destined to become one of the most important, by reason of its central location, the key of the three lakes; all whose business has to pass its locks and all whose floating population in its excursion pass to and from upon its river-lake."
--Toronto World, July 14, 1887.

Author John Denison thinks Frank Micklethwaites wrote the article.

Of course, the best part of the library is the respect they assign local authors who donate books! You can find my book at the Gravenhurst, Bala, Bracebridge libraries, as well.


lyzzydee said...

I am so drawn to snowy pictures, but I expect that you get heartily fed up with all of the trouble it causes!! I have had a look at a few of your blogs tonight and I can see you have had a lot going on. I kept a diary of my dads tribulations in hospital; after an aortic anuerism. Looking back on it now I wonder how we got through it.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Jennifer,

I have put you up for MTM; nice job showcasing Port Carling.

If history is not your thing, you might not like Venice today, but maybe you can treat it as an exercise in Spinozan thought (as in Baruch Spinoza)...


Junosmom said...

Hi Jennifer, like lyzzdee, I am curious about the snow - it is beautiful, but I live north enough to know it gets tiresome, winter does. Like you, I have indoor flowers to lift my spirits. I wonder what else you do to weather the winter?

pattinase (abbott) said...

Canada is always fun to visit--even if it's only ten miles away.

Jennifer Jilks said...

Thanks, all, for visiting.

I think that winter is in your attitude. It just IS!
Unlike history, which was...
I try to be in the moment. Walks in the snow are a pleasure.

We have a great vehicle, with snow tires. We dress for the weather.

SandyCarlson said...

That looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for sending me the link.