Friday 19 December 2008

Doom & Gloom

There is no question that there is far less reporting of news and more negative reports about what might or might not happen. I want to hear the good that is going on. The Transfer Payment Agencies that continue to support the poor, disabled, ailing seniors with dignity and grace. They continue to do the jobs that they do.

I want to hear of volunteers, such as Victim Crisis Volunteers (I am one) who go out wind, snow rain or hail, to help others.
I want to hear of the bold EMS crews that go to a scene where a victim of violence needs help.
I want to hear of small town people who are working together.

We are retired. Our stocks, as our home, is only worth what a buyer is prepared to buy. When we need to cash them in we will. We will get what we can. We are not going to complain and wail and gnash our teeth now. We are sitting on our stocks. We are cutting back where we need to and spending where we can to support local retailers. We refuse to buy in Wal-Mart, where demands for low cost items has resulted in cheap goods and materials being produced or outsourced to other countries.

I am turning off CBC news as it is becoming more editorializing than reporting of data, facts and information. It is defeating and diminishing to report (I use the term loosely) on what might happen. In fact, it is the fear of particular eventualities that has caused down turns in the stock market.

Mike Ewing mentioned the snow we have had overnight in Muskoka. No one else on CBC weather bothered to speak of it. We haven't called in the troops. We in Central and Northern Ontario are collateral damage in the navel gazing of CBC Toronto that does not bother to notice the other parts of Ontario. CBC Ottawa is better at covering regional news and events. A fair number of people must travel from 'away' to Toronto. Our weather reports are important. CBC TV weather refrains from mentioning the storm we have had over the past 24-hours. It was casually alluded to, but the 85,000 that live here are apparently unimportant.

As I said previously on my blog:
"Please, please: report the news, find information on the topic, tell me what is happening on town and city streets, Ontario, Canada and the world. But don't explore the Neverneverland of 'What Ifs', opinions and false and intolerant citizens. Find people you know who have the background, the research, the knowledge skills and expertise to interpret and understand what is going on in Canada. "


penlan said...

Excellent post!

As far as the CBC goes they are leaning more & more to the right, rather than being in the centre, so to speak, & reporting in an unbiased manner. It's sickening. I never watch CTV as they are so far right & are now like Fox News.

First time I've found your blog. I'll be back!

Jenn Jilks said...

Thank you, penlan. I read the post referring to the Ottawa police officer. My goodness. I lived in Ottawa from 1981 - 2006, and my children still live there. What a story.

Thanks for your endorsement! I sit, looking out at the frozen lake, and I am grateful for the view, internet and media, but find it lacking some days.

Small town media (Muskoka Lakes pop.= 57,560) is an interesting view, too.