Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas Gifts

This morning on CBC Radio, a Canadian author and illustrator were highlighted during a 'recommendation for kid's books' bit. They mentioned that the author & illustrator are from Muskoka! Great plug. I was so excited as we visited them in August, 2008. Such a lovely venue.

Zelda and Esmerelda
A Childrens Fairy book!
Writen by Susan Elizabeth Ross
~ Illustrated by BONNIE BEWS

Bonnie and Elizabeth did a great job. We bought the book for our granddaughter when we attended their book launch. (My signed copy stays here for visits!) I love children's books, form my years teaching. I usually began a lesson with a picture book that applied to the theme we were exploring. It seems to work.

When I visited my kids last week I admired the author & illustrator's artistic talent and skills. My daughter had bought some prints in August and had them framed. She put them in the babies room. I can research anything, but have refrained from much more artsy endeavours. I so admire the story and artwork.

I took notes for my book launch! Fairies popped popcorn and presented dressed the part! I don't think fairies in costume would work, but I am sure I can think of something.

It is a bit snowy this month. We anticipate rain and 7+ degree C. temperatures. We must have a metre of snow on the ground. I don't think we'll have many visitors this month. Perhaps when folks return to Muskoka I will do a book signing!

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