Sunday 30 November 2008

winter driving

winter wonderland

Winter driving can be an iffy proposition. Sudden snow squall can hamper even the careful driver. I have blogged elsewhere about senior drivers, who have become the most at-risk group.

There are some things to remember specifically in winter. The Ministry of Transportation provides some tips:

Transport Canada warns of those in intersections being the most at risk. Current stats, in the recent Ontario move to more severly curtail teen drivers, reveals statistics that demonstrate seniors are more risky than newbie teen drivers:
  • 6.4 % of fatal accidents caused by those less than 20 years of age
  • 7.3 % caused by those over age 65 (with fewer km traveled).
  • With 16 - 19 yr. olds have accident rates of 2.47 per 10,000
  • Adults over the age of 65: 2.9 per 10,000
Drivers make 8 - 12 decisions every km, with only seconds to respond in some cases. The wise driver practices defensive driving habits. We know that speeding kills. We know that almost one in five drivers age 16 - 24 were speeding at the time of a crash. Also, while total deaths are down, attributed to Ontario graduated licencing rules, more pedestrians and motorcyclists are dying.

Please be careful out there. Drive according to road conditions. Let those more inclined to speed to pass you. There is no sense stressing out both you and the guy tailgaiting you in his determination, and self-importance, to get to his destination before you do. If you spot someone driving erratically report them to the police. You could prevent a fatality.


Junosmom said...

I have prevented winter driving problems by moving south.

Jenn Jilks said...

In fact, most of our more financially stable neighours go to Florida for December and January! Rather the best of both worlds, Junosmom. A change being as good as a rest! We just cannot afford it.

Our town is clearing out quickly. The restaurants are shutting down and we are busy shovelling snow while I try to flog my book!
I try to take joy in the beauty of nature's flora and fauna!