Thursday, 13 November 2008

Automotive Industry Bailout

I hope not. This industry is not viable. It they built cars worth driving: reliable, fuel efficient, and affordable, yes. Vehicles that use Canadian ingenuity, such as the ZENN car and renewable energy sources. But since the North American car industry, and CAW, have been building undependable trucks and SUVs, in lieu of the more cost efficient, and less profitable cars that N.A. car owners want and can afford, it is not an industry that should be propped up like the corpse in Weekend at Bernie's.

CAW is partially to blame. They ought to have demanded that the industry be accountable for previous loans, they should have counselled employees to prepare for the future. They have millions of dollars and rather than spending it fighting for more tax dollar bailouts, they could have invested in lobbying for local jobs and local initiatives, such as the ZENN car.

We need to spend tax payer dollars ($8 million dollars?) on retraining, in manufacturing goods and creating services that Canadians want and can afford. No more outsourcing every industry and service to help businesses make more profit and to pay cheap labour. We need to pay employees what they are worth - and not pay people $30 /hour to build cars. We will pay a few more dollars for clothes, appliances, IT support but will be able to avoid potentially contaminated food (i.e., pet food) and toys made in China that do not meet Canadian standards and contain lead. We will be guaranteeing jobs and we will be able to invest at home. I am tired of phoning a company and having to speak to a service rep who cannot speak English and whom I cannot understand, with no concept of where I live.

We must pay better EI benefits while those laid off seek work. We must increase welfare in order to allow families to have better lives. Poverty and ignorance go hand in hand. We must educate our citizens and help them establish a good standard of living.

It is time to invest in Canada, Canadian ingenuity and Canadians.

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