Friday 24 October 2008

Verdict is in - part 7

After much talk and action, Save the Bala Falls has hit a crossroads. Local councillors have weighed in. All of the stakeholders (see image) must begin to pull together to ensure that this provincial project meets the needs of the town, residents, tourists, and business owners.

In reality, the province has control over this project. If we do not build it, they WILL come!This is a Ministry project that is bigger than our small town of 650. (See Water Power Facilities in Ontario )
OWA is working on these issues:
  • environmental assessment
  • dam safety and public safety around dams
  • new waterpower development
  • water resource management
  • energy procurement
Swift River has fought to get fair coverage by local media.

Residents have fought to keep any development out of the town.

My posts, photos and videos have been deleted from the various Facebook and Gallery. My romantic, perhaps overly so, video of the Bala Falls caught 388 hits as of Oct. 24, 08, and has been deleted. I imagine my video was permissible until I began to encourage a dialogue. These are not welcomed! Steve continues to jump off the railway bridge, and tube in the falls.

Business owners will have to mend bridges (excuse the pun) work closely slow drivewith Swift River, and town councillors, in order to ensure that environmental and profit-oriented concerns are met. Ian Baines, CEO of Swift River, has said, "Swift River would offer financial compensation for business disruption and assistance to relocate Purk’s Place boat access." I think this is an offer that ought to be taken up ASAP.

We found, during our infamous Cranfest, that 18,000+ people endured a slow drive through town to visit. The town must make this a desirable place to live and visit.

Environmental assessments needs to be completed. All of the checks and balances will be put in place.Bracebridge Hydro Dam The water will not cease to run, fear-mongering must stop. Reality must set in.
Those who insist on jumping off the bridge into the water must cease and desist. It simply is not safe! Grow up!

The romantic residents who want everything to remain the same need to move into the new millennium. Change is the only thing we can depend upon. The Bracebridge site is a great one. If they work with Swift River, now that the decision has been made, the contracts signed, they will have some input on the project.

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