Sunday, 5 July 2009

Marine laws

Quiet kayaks must fight with speeding boaters.

Babies in front at high speed - dangerous and illegal.

Some like to run rings around our loons.

Watch Your Wake
This sign is available from Friends of the Rideau. A wonderful group that seeks to protect its shoreline environment.
In most provinces there is a 10 kph speed limit within 30 metres (100 feet) from shore. Fine is $125.
Maximum fine is $500 or six months imprisonment. (Canada Shipping Act: Boating Restriction Regulations)

Smoky fires & beer all day - then out onto the lake?

He peed off the side of the boat, as we sat beside the shore. The animals by the lakeshore.
(Only if you were raised by wolves, or in a barn. Mind your manners!)

Wildlife flee for their lives

Watch your wake: it's the law

Here is a dangerous and illegal practice
vegetation is affected by your wake


Cloudia said...

SO true!
This kayaker agrees!
Aloha, Jenn

Comfort Spiral

Elisabeth's bright side said...

This lake looks far too busy. I feel a little sad really. I think I will vote for the kayaks only.

Travis Erwin said...

Yep, we humans are often the stupidest of animals.

SUSAN said...

We are very fortunate to only have to share our little tiny lake with a few neighbours. We all seem to respect each other and know each other's habits so we all get use of the lake.

Jenn Jilks said...

It's true, Travis. Disrespectful of others, and in defiance of authority. (Rules of the lake and the road are for chumps!)

Our problem, Susan, is that neighbours keep renting out their property to strangers (citiots) who do not understand lake etiquette.
There are some lakes (Wood Lake, I believe) that has outlawed motor boats since the beginning. I cannot imagine we could do this now. Many of the young people are quite dependent upon their toys for entertainment. We are teaching our granddaughter the finer things: frogs, trees, plants, ducks and playing in the water.

me said...

We have weekenders too, who speed along the roads and the river. When the wake is high enough to cover the docks you would think they would realise the damage they can cause to the shore line??

Tis the same the world over