Tuesday 24 June 2008

To market, to market!

What fun it is to be able to go out to the market again. The Gravenhurst market continued every Wednesday, from 9:00 to 2:00, all winter. The Bala market has begun again, it is on Mondays. The first one was a bit quiet, but I am sure it will pick up as folks realize it is back on. It was a quiet winter, but we are anxious to see our friends back in town.

We traveled to Seguin township, and Rosseau's market is on Fridays. Thursdays the market is on in Huntsville. Bracebridge market is on Saturdays.

Market days are fun. It takes one back to the days when one had to go to market to pick up fresh goods. There are may in other countries who do not need the refrigeration we need, as they can pick things up on the way home from work. I love the variety of goods: stone work, iron and metal work, fudge, baked goods, fresh produce, Vietnamese food, BBQs with freshly cooked lunch, crepes, honey, meat, wood carvings, clothing, and a great variety of arts and crafts.

Friends visit each other, cottage neighbours run into one another, and there is a festive air for all. What is the most fun is that on a quiet day, or if a storm is brewing and business is slow, the vendors visit with each other!

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